I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Post This!

Wow… Talk about behind the times!  I knew I’d been bad about keeping my blog updated, but this is beyond the pale!

What’s every scrapper’s secret dream?  (Well, some people are more overt than others.  It was my secret dream.)  To get published, of course!  Even me.  Except… I had never done anything about it.  I’d never sent anything in to anywhere for submission.  Not once.  Kind of hard to get published if you’re not submitting!

Well, in June 2012, I saw that Creating Keepsakes had a call out for “New Beginnings” for the January/February 2013 issue.  I’d recently finished a LO of my nephew’s hospital photos.  What’s a newer beginning than a baby’s birth?!?  And, this is where my neglect of my blog comes in handy…. I hadn’t got around to publishing it here yet!  So, since I’d not yet shown it off, I could submit it.  So I did.

Two weeks later, I got an email saying it had been accepted for publication.

I remember the moment vividly.  I was in my sister’s Jeep at the Petrol Station.  She was pumping petrol, and I pulled out my phone to check emails.  I saw an email from CK and didn’t even think about my LO.  (I’ve been a moderator for their ClubCK — sadly it’s closing in 2 weeks 😥 — for 3 years, now, so getting emails from them isn’t all that unusual for me.)  I opened it up and had to read it twice before my brain processed it.  Seriously.  I thought, “What?  No, wait… WHAT?!?”  THEN I squealed.  And jumped out of the car to tell my sister.  After all, it’s HER SON that was going to be famous!  (Oh, and had to get her to sign all sorts of permissions for his image to be published.)

Here’s a screen shot from the published version (Copyright Creating Keepsakes Magazine 2012)

Wait, me?  Published?

My darling nephew’s first baby photos. My first published LO.

So, that’s one thing off my bucket list, I guess.  It’s nearly a year since I submitted that LO, and I still can’t believe it.  It’s just weird.

Me! Published! *shock*