Here’s one for my Book of Me.  It doesn’t have a lot (or really, any!) of journaling.  Instead, it just gives you a look at me when I was 30.  Most people spend a ton of time scrapping their kids, or their family.  I don’t have any children (or husband, or SO or anything!) of my own, so I have a lot more photos of me.  Sort of a funny thing, huh?  Those who have family to inherit their albums, never scrap themselves.  Me, who doesn’t have anyone, I scrap me all the time!  I therefore issue a challenge to each of you…. make sure you scrap at least ONE page per year that’s just about you.  How cool would it be to put a boo together that follows your progression through the years?  It’s more of a long haul project, but, wouldn’t it be awesome?  Hmmm… I think I’m going to see if I can’t come up with one for me.

Me at 30

Materials used:

  • PP – BG Wassail and Marrakesh
  • Chipboard – BG Marrakesh
  • Brads – BG
  • Thread – Gutermann
  • Font – MetropolisNF