Gingerbread Castle Pattern

The pattern for the Full Size (25×25″ footprint, 23″ tall) Gingerbread Castle.

gingerbread castle 2009 Model (Full) – Overall view of the entire plan.  The pieces are to scale with each other, though very small, so you can use them if you’d rather do a tiny castle.

gingerbread castle 2009 A Model – Half the crenelations for the tops of the towers and the central keep.  The other half is piece I.

gingerbread castle 2009 B Model – Tops of towers and central keep.  Goes under crenelations.

gingerbread castle 2009 C Model – Crenelation for middle level of keep.

gingerbread castle 2009 D Model – Top of the middle section of the keep.  Goes under crenelation piece C.  Build the top of the keep (piece H) on top of this.  To make this, you need to cut this pattern piece twice in paper, and tape together lengthwise to make a 10.25×10.25″ square.  You only need to cut this once in gingerbread.

gingerbread castle 2009 E Model – The outer wall.  This goes between the towers around the outside.  Like with pattern piece D, you need to cut this out twice in paper, and tape it together.  It should be 15″ long.  You’ll need to cut 3 of these as is, then cut the door in the centre.  I enlarged the door from the specs on here.  Cut the door to your preference.  I also used the cut-away section for the basis of my moat bridge, though I cut it longer that the door  would be.  Additionally, I used it as the basis for creating the doors that I stuck on each side of the openings.  And for the portcullis width.

gingerbread castle 2009 F Model – Body of the lower keep.  As with D and E, you need to cut this in paper twice and tape it together.  It should be 10×13″ when complete.  You’ll need 4 of these.  When you construct the keep, you need to be sure you build it so it’s taller than it is wide, to stick up above the wall, and also so that piece D fits over the top.

gingerbread castle 2009 G Model – Body of towers.  You’ll need 16 of these.  As with D, E and F, you’ll need to cut this twice in paper and tape it together.  This piece will be 13″ tall.

gingerbread castle 2009 H Model – Body of upper keep.  Build on top of D.

gingerbread castle 2009 I Model – Other half of the crenelations for tops of towers and upper keep.  Alternate with piece A.  This will form a uniform pattern.


Print off each of the individual pattern pieces.  Once printed, carefully cut out along the lines.  Mark each piece with their pattern name and how many times you need to cut it (if it did not show up inside when you printed).

Lay pattern piece on top of dough, using a pizza roler or thin, long edge (I used a metal spatula), cut around the piece.  Carefully peal off the pattern.  Repeat process, fitting as many pieces onto a single tray as possible.  Remember to cut a thin strip between pieces, so that they do not fuze together when baking.


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