October Inspired By

Good morning!  It’s hard to believe how fast 2013 has gone!

Recently, I was in Germany.  I saw this gorgeous wall covered in ivy that was just starting to change as the weather cooled.  I thought it was the perfect photo to use with this month’s Inspiration photo.

October Inspired By Photo

Autumn colours and the vines growing over the 2 structures.  (I think it’s Kudzu on the barn.)

Here’s my LO:

October Inspired By LO

October Inspired By LO

I had SO much fun with this LO.  I really did.  I got to play with all sorts of my favourite toys, and one new toy!

I recently discovered Gelatos by Faber-Castell.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  LOVE them! This is my first attempt at them, and I learned a TON about using them.  There’s definitely a learning curve, but you’ll totally enjoy the process.  If you pop on YouTube, you’ll have a bunch of choices on tutorials.

So, what I did:

  1. I used a Crafters Workshop template and modeling paste.  I LOVE this template.  I originally wasn’t entirely convinced I would, because the bricks are kind of big.  I have the 6×6 version as well, and I thought that I might have preferred the brick size of the 6×6 on a 12×12 format.  Well…. I’ve changed my mind.  I’m loving the larger brick size.  It’s perfect.  And, I’m loving that I didn’t get the paste completely smooth.  That makes it look even more like real brick.
  2. Let it dry.  I stick mine in the oven on warm.  Or sometimes just stick it in the oven.  Nice safe place that won’t get bumped!
  3. To get the brick colour, I used 3 different Distress Ink colours.  I let the paste dry, then put the mask back over and used my distressing sponges to colour.
    1. Pumice Stone all over.
    2. Fired Brick: light and in spots.
    3. Vintage Photo: just to tone down the “red” of the fired brick.
  4. The Gelatos.  I used 4 different colours: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green.  I ground each one into a soft paste in a bowl (only a TINY bit) and dissolved it into water.  I kept the pigment saturation high for this, so that they would be bright on the page.  Then, I poured each colour out of the bowl onto the LO.  I was careful to splash it around a bunch.  And then I tipped it up on the edge and let the colours run down the page (over my splatter mat!)  A word of warning: Because Distress Inks are water based, this technique will wash off some of those colours.  That didn’t bother me, but it might you.  It also muddies the colours a bit.  Just a friendly warning!
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Once everything’s nice and dry, I mixed up some more paste with some blue laytex paint (I have a sample jar of this particular blue.)  Put a new mask down (Prima, this time) and masked over the top of the bricks with the (now) blue paste.
  7. Let it dry.
  8. The street light/sign is a Kaiser Kraft wood veneer.  I used Distress Paint (can I just say how much I LOVE those things?!?) to colour them black.
  9. The leaves… the yellow ones are straight from the package (a very old package.  No idea what brand.  Sorry.) but the red one was turquoise.  Totally the wrong colour for me.  So I flipped it over, and used the red Gelato as a crayon and coloured the chipboard red.  Works awesome.
  10. That’s pretty much it.  Assemble as usual.

OK, have fun!  And don’t forget to link your creation to the original post over on Inspired By!  Be sure to include a description of what inspired you!


Camp Wanna Retreat

Every August I go to this marvelous crop in Washington State.  It’s a group of ladies that all met online.  The ladies may have started off as internet friends (or as some of their families say, “Imaginary Friends”), but they’ve certainly become my REAL friends!  They’ve become my stalwart companions.  I hate that we live so far away from each other!

Camp Wanna Campers (Note… No Pink for me!)

We call our crop Camp Wannahatchanegg (Camp Wanna for short) because a friend who couldn’t make it the 1st year kept asking, “Where are you? Wannahatchanegg?”  It stuck.  And, “Camp” because, well…. it’s a bit of a practical joke atmosphere.  Yeah.  Becky and I may have been known to Saran Wrap Cars.  And even Beds.  Yep.  Beds.  (Short Sheeted, too!)  This year, we were a bit more subdued (but by NO means restrained!)  Rather than wrap the whole car, we just stuck a big old Saran Wrap bow on the windscreen at the end.  And a couple of bits written in window chalk.  Seriously, we were tame!

That didn’t stop the rest of them from practical jokes!  I had the craziest week before leaving for Camp, and only slept 45 minutes before driving 11 hours (I had company, right Vee?)  So I went to be early (well… “early”.  10 pm!)  Came down the next morning… my whole desk was PINKED!  EVERYTHING!

My Pinked Workspace


But don’t worry, I wasn’t the butt of every joke!  Heidi’s husband got her GOOD with an April Fool’s Prank regarding Goats.  We followed up with some Goating of our own!

Goats For Sale!

That tiny hay bale?  LOVE!  Seriously, that MADE the joke.  Way to go Devra and Becky!

There were other shenanigans, but those were the best two.

Thanks, ladies!  It’s the best weekend, ever!  Anxiously awaiting next year… Laurie, how many days left?

Two Weeks In A Row?!? Thanks CSI!

I’ve had a crazy couple of days, so I didn’t get a chance to blog this before.  But this week, my LO for CSI Case File 78 was chosen as one of the “Most Wanted” LOs for this week!  *SHOCK*

Case File: 78

Here’s my LO:

I seriously love this LO.

Case File 78 Where the Buffalo Roam


CS: Co-Ordinates
Suitcase/Balloon: Kaiser Craft
Distress Ink/Stain: Tim Hotlz
Enamel Dots: I made those!
Washi Tape: Recollections
Burlap: Err… no idea what the brand is.  Got it at Michaels
Post Card: I’m drawing a blank.  It’s a 12×12 sheet that has a bunch of them on one side, and a very cute red pattern on the back.
Tickets: OA… I think
Crackle Paint: Tim Hotz
Twine: WRMK
Stamp: Teresa Collins
Embossing Enamel: Zing
Wood Arrows: American Crafts
Letters: Sassafras Lass and American Crafts
Embossing Ink: VersaMark
Paint Splatters: Tsukineko Fireworks
Pen: Marvy

Phew… that was a list!

The journaling is about how I have this nostalgia for the “homestead West”.  For the Pioneers, Cowboys, Marshals…. and even a few of the outlaws.  I wonder if that’s because I had a bunch of ancestors who walked across the plains and eeked out a living in the South West.  (Don’t get me wrong, I am FULLY aware how miserable their lives could be!  Doesn’t stop the nostalgia!)  I really envy my parents for their location… and then I get itchy feet.  And wonder if I’ll ever settle down.  Maybe someday.

Here’s a closeup of my favourite three bits:

Map, Enamel Dots and Crackled Hot Air Baloon

Map, Enamel Dots and Crackled Hot Air Balloon

I LOVE the map I made.  It’s a very simple process.  I stamped and embossed it, then used my score board to fold it.  Then I distressed the edges with Distress Stain, and got it damp to give it an extra “worn” look.  And… of course I made those enamel dots, so they’re fun to use.  🙂  And then the crackle paint is SO fun to use, it really made the Balloon work!  (Thanks, Mooney for the idea!  You’re the best!)

Now, as awesome as all that’s been…. then I got a text from Mooney Tuesday morning…. I won the June Monthly Prize from CSI’s permanent Sponsor, Flying Unicorn.  Holy Cow!  That was totally unexpected.  But I’m very excited, and honoured!  Thanks, CSI and Flying Unicorn!

Thank You CSI!

Oh my goodness!  This is such an honour!  I submitted a LO for CSI’s Case File 78 last week.  I found out today (thanks, Holly, for the text!) that I was placed Under Surveillance!

Under Surveillance

Thanks so much, CSI!

Here’s my LO:

CSI Case File 78

CSI Case File 78

Printables: CSI
CS: Basil, Core-Ordinates, Reflections
Dictionary Paper: Tim Holtz
Lace: Maya Roads
Burlap: Unknown
Twine: Unknown
Ink: Tim Hotlz Distress Stains, Marvy
Stick Pin: Jilly Bean (I think!)
Paper Clips: Tim Hotlz
Die Cuts: Spellbinders

Seriously, isn’t my awesome nephew the cutest thing, ever?  I love this kid!  These photos are from our recent visit to my parent’s house in Montana.  Seriously, the kid L.O.V.E.D. the space!  He totally loves to run, and the space up there is exactly the thing he needed.  He totally takes after his Papa (my dad) . . . he’s a mini-runner!  We did a 2 mile Family Fun Run, and he ran 1.5 miles, walked .25 miles, and only had to be carried .25 miles!  He’s only 2 and a half!  It was incredible.  He LOOOVED it.  Kept begging to “Go racing” again!  So we ran up and down the dirt road with him.  JOY!  BLISS!  Yep, this kid needs SPACE!

In Case You’re Currious

In case you’re wondering what I’ve been up to lately… Lots! But not much scrapping this week. (Though I did manage a few bits before I left, and 2 cards whilst here… But I’ll be waiting on the reveal of those for a bit!)

I’m in Montana, at my parents’ house. If you want to follow the adventure (loads of adventure happening!) pop over to my “Real Life” Blog; Consider the Day Seized.