August Inspired By Sketch

Hello all!  I hope you’re enjoying using the sketch this month.  I had a whole lot of fun making it!  And if you’re a digi girl, you’re welcome to pop over to the downloadable psd file.

For Halloween a couple years ago, my sister suggested I start an Epic Costume (that’s a costume that you use more than once, and improve on from year to year) of a Weeping Angel (only the most frightening monster in the Who-niverse).  She was, as always, brilliant.  So I started.  2013 was the 2nd year for me using it, and I wanted to make improved wings, but just didn’t have time.  I moved, instead.  Trust me, it was a win in the long run.

On Halloween my sister and I took her 3 year old to the town centre for Main Street Trick-or-Treating, and met up with some friends.  As we’re walking along the sidewalk, I get this thrill every time I hear someone (usually older teens or early 20s kids who have probably only ever seen the reboot Doctor, but I’m not complaining!) say something about “Don’t Blink!” (the way to defeat the Angels is to keep looking at them.  If you look away, even for the space of a blink, they will win.)  Then… I spot HIM…. err… her, in my case.  The Doctor!  A young lass had dressed up as the 11th Doctor… defeater of the Weeping Angels!  We had fun taking a couple photos of her defeating me.

That’s the story behind my LO.  Don’t Blink – The Angels Have the Phone Box.

To create the background, I soaked the background paper (watercolour paper) with water, then droped my ink onto the wet, which caused it to spread cool.  I let it dry, then used gel bead medium and a stencil to create the circle/stripe shapes.  Once that had dried, I went over it with yellow ink to give it a bit more punch.  It’s actually a really simple technique, but the results are amazing!

Don’t forget to post your LO and link it here so we can see!  Happy Scrapping!


Snowday @ 60*: CSI 108

Wow, I can’t believe this is the last reveal for January!  And therefore, my last Guest DT reveal for CSI!  It’s been so much fun solving these cases as a Special Detective.  I’m going to miss it.  Of course, I will continue to solve their cases every week!

This week’s file:

Case File 108

Case File 108

This one really challenged me.  But eventually I found a way to solve it.  Here’s my LO:
Snowday @ 60*, CSI Case File 108, Special Investigator

For my background I used a geli plate (I’ve GOT to get me one of those!) and paint to create snowflakes using the file’s colour scheme.  Then I cut the snowflakes out, layered them with Tim Hotlz’ tissue paper, modge podge over the top, and then modling paste over the top to create a “snow” effect.  It was quite challenging, but I’m totally digging the results.  And thanks to Mooney for the use of her geli plate!  Don’t forget to check out her version of the file!

October Inspired By

Good morning!  It’s hard to believe how fast 2013 has gone!

Recently, I was in Germany.  I saw this gorgeous wall covered in ivy that was just starting to change as the weather cooled.  I thought it was the perfect photo to use with this month’s Inspiration photo.

October Inspired By Photo

Autumn colours and the vines growing over the 2 structures.  (I think it’s Kudzu on the barn.)

Here’s my LO:

October Inspired By LO

October Inspired By LO

I had SO much fun with this LO.  I really did.  I got to play with all sorts of my favourite toys, and one new toy!

I recently discovered Gelatos by Faber-Castell.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  LOVE them! This is my first attempt at them, and I learned a TON about using them.  There’s definitely a learning curve, but you’ll totally enjoy the process.  If you pop on YouTube, you’ll have a bunch of choices on tutorials.

So, what I did:

  1. I used a Crafters Workshop template and modeling paste.  I LOVE this template.  I originally wasn’t entirely convinced I would, because the bricks are kind of big.  I have the 6×6 version as well, and I thought that I might have preferred the brick size of the 6×6 on a 12×12 format.  Well…. I’ve changed my mind.  I’m loving the larger brick size.  It’s perfect.  And, I’m loving that I didn’t get the paste completely smooth.  That makes it look even more like real brick.
  2. Let it dry.  I stick mine in the oven on warm.  Or sometimes just stick it in the oven.  Nice safe place that won’t get bumped!
  3. To get the brick colour, I used 3 different Distress Ink colours.  I let the paste dry, then put the mask back over and used my distressing sponges to colour.
    1. Pumice Stone all over.
    2. Fired Brick: light and in spots.
    3. Vintage Photo: just to tone down the “red” of the fired brick.
  4. The Gelatos.  I used 4 different colours: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green.  I ground each one into a soft paste in a bowl (only a TINY bit) and dissolved it into water.  I kept the pigment saturation high for this, so that they would be bright on the page.  Then, I poured each colour out of the bowl onto the LO.  I was careful to splash it around a bunch.  And then I tipped it up on the edge and let the colours run down the page (over my splatter mat!)  A word of warning: Because Distress Inks are water based, this technique will wash off some of those colours.  That didn’t bother me, but it might you.  It also muddies the colours a bit.  Just a friendly warning!
  5. Let it dry.
  6. Once everything’s nice and dry, I mixed up some more paste with some blue laytex paint (I have a sample jar of this particular blue.)  Put a new mask down (Prima, this time) and masked over the top of the bricks with the (now) blue paste.
  7. Let it dry.
  8. The street light/sign is a Kaiser Kraft wood veneer.  I used Distress Paint (can I just say how much I LOVE those things?!?) to colour them black.
  9. The leaves… the yellow ones are straight from the package (a very old package.  No idea what brand.  Sorry.) but the red one was turquoise.  Totally the wrong colour for me.  So I flipped it over, and used the red Gelato as a crayon and coloured the chipboard red.  Works awesome.
  10. That’s pretty much it.  Assemble as usual.

OK, have fun!  And don’t forget to link your creation to the original post over on Inspired By!  Be sure to include a description of what inspired you!


My nephew started clasping his fingers at a VERY young age.  And he’d do it all the time.  You’d be walking around with him, and he’d have his fingers clasped and just be wide-eyed taking in the world.  Bless him.  He is just so adorable.  He still does it (he’s a little over a year, now) but, not quite the same.  For one, his dexterity has improved, so he doesn’t “miss” as much.  Totally makes us laugh, though.  I found that I his hand-holding (interdigitating – what can I say?  My family is Geek!) in a load of my photos.

Here’s the LO I did with the best.

And, here are some close-up photos of the hidden journaling and photos inside the envelope.

The envelope stemmed from a challenge that a friend issued, to have “something hidden, either journaling or a photo” on our LO.  Obviously, I went above and beyond.  The LO idea came from a Sketchy Thursday sketch.  Those of you who know me, or know my work, you know that I like making those little envelopes.  They’re actually really easy.  And, recently I’ve started lining them.  They just look so pretty with a lining.

CS – Kraft Paper, Reflections, Cord’inations
PP – MM Paper Reverie
Ink – Reflections Black Dye
Tie for envelope – Thread that I knotted
Punch – EK Success
Alpha – Thickers
Brads – Basil
Journaling – Font – CrazyCrazy
Sketch – Sketchy Thursday

As promised, here’s the template for the envelope.  It’s 4×4, finished, which is twice as large as the envelope template I posted the other week.

To print it out, simply click on the image, and print using your browser’s print feature.  Or, you can also save it and print using whatever program you prefer.

Now, to make the closure I used here, I did something really simple.  1st – to make the circles, I took a chapstick and traced the lid.  It’s the perfect size!  Then, I folded up a tiny piece of paper to make the shank.  Next, I used my paper piercer to poke a hole through the center of each of the circles, and through the folded papers.  Finally, I used a tiny brad to attach the circle and shank to the envelope.  The string is thread I knotted.  You could braid or knot or whatever.  You could also use baker’s twine, or other heavier string.

Well, that’s it for me tonight.  Don’t forget – there’s just 1 day left before I draw a winner for the magazine!


Tiny Envelope and Heart Card

So, I’ve recently joined Pinterest (*sigh* I know…. I’ve fallen prey to the Dark Side).  Found this gem whilst cruising over there:

It was made by the very talented Darlene over at Darlene Design.

Well, this morning my sister mentions that she has a wedding to attend this evening, and asked if I’d make her a card.  Sure!  I know just the one.

Here’s my version:

I used all scraps, from making the card from kraft paper to cutting the hearts from leftover Laundry Line.  The only thing that wasn’t a scrap was the card, itself.  Yeay!  Love it when I can use up scraps!

Anyway, I posted this on a Message Board I’m a member of, and got a request for the pattern for the envelope…. Pattern…. Right….. You mean, we’re supposed to use one of those?  Because, I’d just winged it.  So I figured I could work it out and figure out what the dimensions are.

My envelope is 2 1/4″ x 2 1/4 “.  So, that’s what I made the template for.  It would be very easy to make it bigger/smaller, but I figured I’d just give you what I did.  In the card I made, I didn’t put a top flap on.  You know?  The flap that comes down from the top of the envelope to seal it up?  Yeah, what was the point of putting that on if I was going to just cover it up.  But in the template, I’ve included the top flap.

Here’s the template:

And just for kicks and giggles, if you want to print off several at a time, here’s a full page:

You can print them off on heavy card stock and just cut and glue.  Or, you can print one out and trace around it as a template.  The files are 8 1/2 x 11, standard US paper.  You can click on the photo for a larger size.  Feel free to use the template, but remember, please link back here if you post it online!  Hope you enjoy it!

August Sketch Blog Hop

Hello!  And welcome to Adele’s stop along the August Sketch Blog Hop!  You should have arrived here from Toree’s Blog.  Doesn’t sound familiar?  Well, pop on over to Amanda’s Blog for the start.  There’re some fun things happening along the way, so come join!

First, here’s the sketch:

Today’s lesson, children, is … Blog Hop + Being Out of Town + Moving = Crack of Dawn Posting.  I had been thinking about the Blog Hop for ages, but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about it because I was out of town.  Or packed up.  Or flying, so didn’t have my digi goodies.  Or…. you know how it is.  Fortunately, my computer had got unpacked and set up on Wednesday.  So last night I sat down and finally made the template for Amanda’s Sketch.  And then I managed to use the template, and create my own LO for the Hop.  Of course, because I’m moving, I don’t yet have internet at my house.  So at the crack of dawn I dragged myself out of bed and over to my sister’s house so I could get the post written and up on the Blog.

My appologies to Amanda for being an empty headed layabout and not having this done earlier.

But, I did it!  Here you go.  My contribution to the Blog Hop:

The Papers/Embellies I used were from One Little Bird’s Paradise Found, which I bought over at Designer Digitals.  The font is 1553, from  The Template I made (it’s a PSD file) can be found here.

As you can see, I followed Amanda’s sketch fairly closely.  But, I did a bunch of changes, as well.  No stitching, for example, on mine.  Which is funny, because I love stitching.  

But, let’s be honest… you came here for a prize!  Fair enough.  There are 3 ways to get a chance at a prize (Must be done by 9pm Pacific, Monday 21 August):

    1. Leave a comment on my Blog!
    2. Become a Follower of my Blog (there’s a button up at the top of the screen to let you do that, or an email subscription in the sidebar).  Be sure to leave me another note letting me know if you already are, or have just become, a follower.
    3. Use my Template, share it online, and come back here to post your link.

       Don’t forget, if you want to be entered into Amanda’s drawing, you’ll have to add your link to her site, separately!

      Plus, there’s an additional prize!  (This one never closes.)  My mother has written a book!  And it’s a brilliant book.  But, in order to get the 2nd book published, she needs enough sales of the 1st book.  So, an extra special, guarenteed prize, for anyone who orders her book off Amazon.  Just use the form below to send me an email with your order number from Amazon, and I’ll send you a special prize!  And, if you want an autographed bookplate (that I designed!) to put in the cover, let me know what name(s) to make it out to, and add your postal address.

      Ok…. onto the Next Stop: Shanon!

      Lost?  Confused?  Here’s the full Blog Hop list:

      Jennifer D
      Kathy K2S
      Amanda Johnson (moongirl)
      MBscrapping Cassie
      Andrea Joy
      Adele   ***YOU ARE HERE***
      Eternoly Yours Linda
      Lady of the Lake Andrea
      Laurie (Tulip scrapper)

Sketch-It-To-Me Blog Hop!

Hello my friends, and welcome to my stop along the Sketch-It-To-Me Blog Hop!  You should have come here from Briana’s Blog.  If not, no worries…. just jump on over to Amanda’s Blog for the start!

As many of you know, Amanda is one of the most awesome scrappers and most awesomely web-active creative people in the world.  I’m always so honoured that she lets me bask in her glow, and I love to call her friend!  Anyway, this time around, she’s challenged us to use a sketch.  We were allowed to change it in pretty much any way we wanted, as long as we could explain our changes.  The second part of the challenge was to make a card AND a LO off the sketch. EEEEK!  Many of you know that I don’t do cards.  And I don’t do sketches, either!  So, this is a real challenge, indeed.

First of all, here’s the sketch:

The dimensions of those photo boxes are 2×2 and 4×6.

My LO is Digital, so the first thing I did was create a template of the sketch.  As a little gift, if you want the template, it’s Free to Download Here.

Part of the reason I have a hard time with sketches is, I start with my photos and that usually leads me to a title (I’m a linguist.  Titles are a form of word play with me, which makes me happy!) and only then do I start working on photo placement.  So, starting with a sketch is backwards for me!  Since I already had the template, I started looking for some fun photos that I could make fit the form.  Very strange to me.  But, at the end, I had this idea!  I had a very special vistor this summer; one Miss Amy Glitter!  For those of you who don’t know, AmyG is actually Amanda’s alternate identity.  It started off as a game a year+ back, and AmyG has sort of gained a life of her own.  Anyway, FlatAmyG spent a good deal of the summer with me “helping” me pack up to move from England to the United States.  Obviously I had to get her out and about occasionally.  One day I took her into London and we visited The Tower.  Now, the very special thing about Amy is that, as her name might imply, she’s got a thing for Glitter.  Ideally they’d be Pink, but…. I have this slight allergy to Pink.  That and, the livery of the Tower Yeomen is Blue and Red.  Couldn’t really put Pink on a Blue/Red LO, could I?

Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

Very strangely for me, I managed to keep very close to the original sketch!  I felt very proud of myself for that.  However, I did change it in a few ways.  You’ll note that I used a background image for the large central square (there actually is an outer block on the template.  It’s just that it’s white, so it doesn’t necessarily show up here.)  It was my favourite photo of AmyG from the day, but it didn’t work in any of the blocked spaces.  This is one of the reasons I love Digi!  You can do awesome things like that.  The second change was that I didn’t do any real journaling, though I did keep the title more or less in the location of the title from the sketch.  It was the obvious place.  The 3rd change was that I added a background texture border along the right hand side.  4th, I added an additional embellie on the title…. couldn’t resist!  I had to use a masking layer to remove the heart under the crown, but I think the effect turned out awesome!  5th, I added a triple layer mat to both the photo block in the right hand corner, and the background focal image.   6th, I added the date stamp to the right hand corner of the title.  Finally, I changed the circles/rectangle from the sketch into the awesome circle embellie from Katie Periet.  I love these fun sparklie embellies she’s created.  Both the circles and the crown are from Kate Periet’s SWAK collection.

Ok, now for a materials list:

Now, the 2nd part of the challenge – the card!

Yeah, this is quite different from the sketch!  Also, it’s paper, not Digi.  If you saw my post from earlier in the week, you know that this is the card I made to accompany the Airline Ticket my sister asked me to make for her Mother-In-Law.  (Go check it out.  It’s pretty awesome.  And there’s a template (free!) for that, too.)

Ok, so my changes.  First of all, I’m not a great card maker.  My brain doesn’t have much practice at it, mostly because I’m so pressed for time, I’d rather spend the time I do have on LOs, not cards.  But, scrapping, not card making, is my thing.  If you’re a card maker, awesome!  I salute you.  So, the thing of it is, this is much more how I use templates.  A rough guide for where to start.  You can sort of see a bit of the original sketch in the card.  I added the stitched border to the left hand side and top to reflect the same border as the sketch’s background and inside square.  The inked edge is the outside paper.  The stamped image is my nod to the inside square.  The tag is my nod to the photo block.  The button/twine is a sort of circle embellie, though you’ll notice that it’s migrated from the right hand side of the block to the left, and is completely missing off the top left corner!  And the airplane?  That’s just me!  Extremely different.  But, it’s what worked with the materials I had at hand!  I actually think it turned out very nice.

Materials used:

  • Ink – Him Holtz Distress Ink – Frayed Burlap.  Tsukineko’s Sheer Shimmer Spritz – Sparkle.  Tsukineko’s VersaMagic Chalk Ink – Night Sky.  Blue Pen – No idea.  Just a blue jell pen I had sitting around.
  • Twine – Martha Stewart’s Baking Twine.
  • Button – No idea.  Just a blue button I had sitting around.
  • Airplane – EKSuccess’s Sticko – Travel Pictograms.
  • Tag – 7Gypsies – 97% Complete Black & White Tags Assortment.
  • Stamp – Glitz’s Clear Stamps – Distressing Set 3.

And now for the fun part!  If you leave me a comment here, you’re entered to win an RAK!  If you post a link to my blog on your blog, or on your Facebook account, you’ve got a second chance.  If you become (or already are) a follower (you can sign up for email notification along the right hand side of the blog), you’ll get a 3rd chance.  Good luck everyone!  Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you do either the link or the follow step.

Thanks for stopping off here, and on to your next stop: Janice!

Don’t forget, if you get lost, you can always pop back to Amanda’s blog and figure it out from there.