Hogswatch 2013/14

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the 2nd reveal for Child’s Play Challenges!

This week, we’ve been challenged to use GLITTER.

Can I just say *UGGGG*?

I loath glitter.  Seriously.  Loath.

Sort of.  

I like how it looks.  I just loath using it.  It. Gets. Everywhere.  (Colleen, I’m glaring at YOU!  Vee, tiny pink beads count as glitter.  Just saying.)  So I had to come up with some way to play along.

Here’s what I came up with:

Glitter Tape

My sainted sister knows how much I hate loose glitter.  So last year (2012), she filled my stocking with 12 rolls of this stuff.  Hallelujah and pass the ammunition, I love that woman!

Here’s my LO using silver tape:

January Child's Play Challege: Glitter

January Child’s Play Challege: Glitter

Those tiny stripes hanging down are slices of glitter tape.  There are also tiny sparkles around the dangles, and some of them are sparkles themselves, plus the metallic ribbon.  So, there’s a lot of sparkle going on here, even if I didn’t go in for the evil loose glitter.

What is Hogswatch?  Well, it’s a holiday on the Disk World, as created by Terry Pratchett.  The book is called The Hogfather.  Totally one of my favourite authors and books.  Fortunately, I have cool friends.  In January 2012 I was complaining to one of the coolest, Coi, and lamenting the fact that yet again I had nothing to do, no one to do it with, on New Years.  So we hatched this plan.  Hogswatch is sort of a mashup of Christmas and New Years here on Earth.  It’s very Christmasy in nature, but it’s set on the 32nd of December (yes, the 32nd!) which is the last day of the year.  So it made for an awesome backdrop for a New Years party.  Coi sent out invites, and suggested that whilst not compulsory, costumes would be highly encouraged.  And to speak up for your preferred part so we could have as many denizens as possible in attendance.  And they rose to the occasion!  Many of them had read the book, or at least seen the movie, so that helped.  But basically, they’re just awesome people who know that the more you put into a party, the more fun you get out!  Way to go folks!  You totally rock!

My character was Susan Sto-Helit, Death’s Granddaughter (by adoption), Duchess of Sto-Helit and Governess.  She’s one of the focal points of the book.  So obviously I had to go all out on her costume.  Fortunately, my sister is a pro.  Seriously, she has University degrees in costume and fashion design, and she used to work in the field.  Waahoo for me!  Unfortunately, she was 8.5 months pregnant AND had a cold, so we had to work quickly, cheaply and do something simple.  She rose to the challenge!  I did the spats myself (except for the top stitching on the frogging), but she totally made the awesome skirt.  It’s actually made from a single skirt with two layers.  She disassembled the skirt, put a new waist band on each layer and  bustled the front of the sheer pleated overskirt.  Then she added glass beads to the front of the bustle to weight it down and help it hang better.  The corset was my Christmas Present.  Yeah, she rocks.  I do have a different blouse, but it was still en-transit, so I had to use a regular blouse this time.  Oh well…. next year!  Have I mentioned how awesome my sister is?

So… now it’s your turn!  Be sure to add your LO using the link on CPC sidebar.  Be sure to let us know how you took the inspiration!


Scrap Resolution

Ok, every year I start out with great intentions. I want to do loads of projects and especially layouts. But then…. Something always happens, and I don’t meet my goal. Or even come close. So this year, I’m changing my goals. I want to do 5 projects/month. That can be scrapping, sewing, knitting, house painting…. Whatever. And that includes projects like reorganizing my office our bedroom. Anything that’s not routine house work is counted.

What about you? What are your scrap/craft goals for 2012?

Christmas Winner!

Miss Jessie F… this is your lucky day!  Congratulations on winning!  I’ve already got your address.

Thanks, everyone, for playing along.  I wish I could send each of you one of these cute stockings.  You all make my day so much brighter!  However, since I can’t, I’d be happy to send anyone who wants to give me their address a Christmas Card.  Just fill out the form below.  It doesn’t post to the comments, but instead comes straight to my private inbox, so you can leave your address.

Have a Happy Christmas!

Handmade Holiday Blog Hop

Welcome to the Handmade Holiday Blog Hop.  If you didn’t get here from Shanon’s Blog, pop over to Amanda’s to get started.

Today’s adventure is creating fun stuff from your stash for the Holidays!  My project was actually something that I had to do last minute stocking for my Brother-In-Law.  Now, I forget why exactly my sister (who is an AMAZING seamstress, in fact… she has a degree in Fashion and a degree in Costume Design) didn’t have one for him (it wasn’t their 1st Christmas together… by about 7 years!) but she didn’t.  So it was getting on towards Christmas Day, and they had a new baby and it was just chaos.  So I looked around to try and come up with a quick and easy, but still cute, stocking for him.  I saw her stash of ribbon and thought, Pin Weaving!  Easy peasy!

Pin weaving is where you weave strips of fabric (or ribbon or paper….) in a basket weave.  Why is it called pin weaving?  Because you use a LOT of pins to secure the strips whilst you create your decor.  You need two pins/ribbon, in fact.  One at each end.

I started with a cutout of the stocking.  I free handed the shape, but you can find a load of free patterns online.  I chose felt because it’s easy to work with, but any fabric will do.  Felt doesn’t pull out of shape, doesn’t fray, doesn’t cause headaches!  It’s great for crafting.

Felt base for stockings.

I sewed my stockings, but if you are not comfortable with the sewing machine, you can use iron-on glue like Pellon or Thermoweb.  I hate the stuff, but it does make things easier.  Don’t forget, if you’re going to use it, you have to do so AT THIS POINT.  And, you absolutely need to use an ironing cloth to keep your iron from getting glue on it.

Once you’ve got your shape, you start lining up your ribbons.  This can take a LONG time, because you have to make sure they don’t shift.  Even with pins, it’s annoying.  But, it’s seriously worth it in the end.  Here are some in progress shots.

Horisontal Ribbons

Adding the virtical ribbons weaving them through the horizontal ones.

Once you've finished, you need to push and prod the ribbons til they're straight and you're happy with them.

Once you’re happy with the look of your ribbon weaving, you’ll need to be sure that you’ve securely pinned each ribbon to the felt backing.  Once you’ve done that, you have two options.  If you’re not comfortable with sewing, you can use the iron on fabric glue we talked about up above.  If you are comfortable with a sewing machine, you can easily sew the ribbons to the felt.  Here’s what mine look like from the back (which is the direction you have to sew from.)

Ribbon stitched to the backing.

Once you’ve stitched the ribbon (or ironed it on), be sure to trim the excess.

Ribbons trimmed.

If you’re going to add a cuff, do so at this point.  I’m using a wide felt ribbon, but you could use a block of felt or a wide ribbon.

Add the cuff.

And finally, sew the two halves together.  Once you’ve finished, stitching you’ll need to trim the edges of the stitching.  If you’re using felt, you can trim it a lot closer than if you’re using a fabric that will fray.  If you use something that frays, you’ll need to bind the edge after you trim it.

Here are my two finished stockings!

Ta da!

Now, as usual, I’ve got an RAK on offer!  I’m giving away one of these lovely stockings.  If you’d like to win, here are your options:

  1. Leave a comment on this post by 11.59 pm on 3 December.
  2. Post a link from your blog to mine, leaving me a comment telling me.
  3. Become a follower of my blog, leaving me a note telling me.

I’ll draw a winner on 4 December, so don’t forget to check back here to find out who the winner is.

Now… on to the next blog!  The lovely Cassie has some fun stuff in store!

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1st Pumpkin

I’ve been having such a great time scrapping my Nephew.  Of course, part of it would probably be that I’m crazy about that kid!  He was adorable over Halloween with the pumpkins. The 1st go around was when we went to the Pumpkin Patch to find the perfect pumpkins.  He was so happy toting around a tiny pumpkin or trying to pick up a full size one.  Adorable.  He did not want to leave!  It was adorable.  Here’s the proof:


Patterned Papers are all MME Mischievous (this year’s Halloween). Card Stock is Basil. Kind of like the fun pennants up at the top being ribbons! They’re stitched on. Inks are Distress Ink (Soot Black) and Color Box (Wicked Black).  Title is Fabric Thickers.

Journaling reads: E—- loved his first trip to the Pumpkin Patch. In fact, we had a tough time getting him to leave!

1 October 2011


Then, the adventure of carving our pumpkins!  Ooooh boy!  That was excitement, that was!  Seriously, this was brilliant!  He had to “help” Daddy by stealing the scraper.  Yeah, that made our lives a lot more complicated.  And forget getting it off him for a spoon.  Oh no, don’t be ridiculous.  He saw THAT trick coming a mile off.  Anything you want is clearly superior to whatever it is you’re trying to pawn off on him.  But it was worth it to see his smile!


Title – 1st Jack O’Lantern – Alphabet – Allison Pennington – Maniacal Monograms
Paper – Art Wharehouse – October 31st
Pumpkins – Katie Periet – Paper Cuts No 2
Journaling Font – CrazyCrazy

Journaling reads:

E—-’s 1st experience with pumpkin carving.  It was a total hit!  He loved “helping” Daddy carve.  Of course, once he was done with his pumpkin, he had to come “help” with Aunt Adele’s.  And good luck getting the tools away from him!

October 2011

Scrapping Holidays & Celebrations

Welcome back!  Last week Creating Keepsakes sponsored a giveaway for their Scrapping with Fabric and Notions.  This week, they’re offering a copy of Scrapping Holidays & Celebrations!

As you can see, this covers more than just the Holidays that are fast approaching.  However, I’m looking forward to it because I’m sure it will be useful for those, too!  If you want a sneak peak, here’s the link!

To win the free copy I have, comment here with your least Holiday Trouble Spot.  Me?  I have a really tough time photographing groups at tables.  You know, when you go out for a birthday meal?  Or the family around the Christmas Table?  I just hate them!  They’re just so difficult to work with.  So, if you let us know what YOUR Holiday/Celebrations Trouble Spot is, you’re entered to win!  And, if you become a follower (or already are), and leave me a comment letting me know, you’ll get a 2nd chance!  Be sure to post your comments by 11.59 pm Mountain, 19 November.  I’ll post the winner on the 20th.

Good Luck!

Of course, if you’re anxious, and don’t want to wait, you can always buy your copy here.

Be sure to check out Erika’s blog to get another chance at winning the Mag!