Happy Christmas

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Holiday Season.

Happy Christmas 2011

My mom did the painting special for me.  She’s a very talented lady!


Little Love Notes

So, in creating my template for the ikle envelopes,  I made another envelope!  Now what to do with this envelope?  Well…  What about making it into an….. ENVELOPE!  Shocking idea, I know.  But in this case, it’s the envelope for a Bitty Love Note.  I’m going to give this one to my sister.  She’s my best friend, and it’s been a tough year, month and week for her!

A little surprise for your pocket.

For tiny reminders of love!

I cut the lining paper by tracing the envelope on the back.  Then I cut smaller than the pencil marks.  Once I got that done, I cut the background paper to 1/4 inch smaller than the size of the envelope.  And the white paper to 1/4 inch smaller than that.  And then I cut the hearts.  They’re so tiny!  Seriously, a challenge to cut.  I also stitched them on, since they look so sweet stitched.  And, of course, you knew I had to ink the edges.

All of these are leftovers from a previous project.

Sketch-It-To-Me Blog Hop!

Hello my friends, and welcome to my stop along the Sketch-It-To-Me Blog Hop!  You should have come here from Briana’s Blog.  If not, no worries…. just jump on over to Amanda’s Blog for the start!

As many of you know, Amanda is one of the most awesome scrappers and most awesomely web-active creative people in the world.  I’m always so honoured that she lets me bask in her glow, and I love to call her friend!  Anyway, this time around, she’s challenged us to use a sketch.  We were allowed to change it in pretty much any way we wanted, as long as we could explain our changes.  The second part of the challenge was to make a card AND a LO off the sketch. EEEEK!  Many of you know that I don’t do cards.  And I don’t do sketches, either!  So, this is a real challenge, indeed.

First of all, here’s the sketch:

The dimensions of those photo boxes are 2×2 and 4×6.

My LO is Digital, so the first thing I did was create a template of the sketch.  As a little gift, if you want the template, it’s Free to Download Here.

Part of the reason I have a hard time with sketches is, I start with my photos and that usually leads me to a title (I’m a linguist.  Titles are a form of word play with me, which makes me happy!) and only then do I start working on photo placement.  So, starting with a sketch is backwards for me!  Since I already had the template, I started looking for some fun photos that I could make fit the form.  Very strange to me.  But, at the end, I had this idea!  I had a very special vistor this summer; one Miss Amy Glitter!  For those of you who don’t know, AmyG is actually Amanda’s alternate identity.  It started off as a game a year+ back, and AmyG has sort of gained a life of her own.  Anyway, FlatAmyG spent a good deal of the summer with me “helping” me pack up to move from England to the United States.  Obviously I had to get her out and about occasionally.  One day I took her into London and we visited The Tower.  Now, the very special thing about Amy is that, as her name might imply, she’s got a thing for Glitter.  Ideally they’d be Pink, but…. I have this slight allergy to Pink.  That and, the livery of the Tower Yeomen is Blue and Red.  Couldn’t really put Pink on a Blue/Red LO, could I?

Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

Very strangely for me, I managed to keep very close to the original sketch!  I felt very proud of myself for that.  However, I did change it in a few ways.  You’ll note that I used a background image for the large central square (there actually is an outer block on the template.  It’s just that it’s white, so it doesn’t necessarily show up here.)  It was my favourite photo of AmyG from the day, but it didn’t work in any of the blocked spaces.  This is one of the reasons I love Digi!  You can do awesome things like that.  The second change was that I didn’t do any real journaling, though I did keep the title more or less in the location of the title from the sketch.  It was the obvious place.  The 3rd change was that I added a background texture border along the right hand side.  4th, I added an additional embellie on the title…. couldn’t resist!  I had to use a masking layer to remove the heart under the crown, but I think the effect turned out awesome!  5th, I added a triple layer mat to both the photo block in the right hand corner, and the background focal image.   6th, I added the date stamp to the right hand corner of the title.  Finally, I changed the circles/rectangle from the sketch into the awesome circle embellie from Katie Periet.  I love these fun sparklie embellies she’s created.  Both the circles and the crown are from Kate Periet’s SWAK collection.

Ok, now for a materials list:

Now, the 2nd part of the challenge – the card!

Yeah, this is quite different from the sketch!  Also, it’s paper, not Digi.  If you saw my post from earlier in the week, you know that this is the card I made to accompany the Airline Ticket my sister asked me to make for her Mother-In-Law.  (Go check it out.  It’s pretty awesome.  And there’s a template (free!) for that, too.)

Ok, so my changes.  First of all, I’m not a great card maker.  My brain doesn’t have much practice at it, mostly because I’m so pressed for time, I’d rather spend the time I do have on LOs, not cards.  But, scrapping, not card making, is my thing.  If you’re a card maker, awesome!  I salute you.  So, the thing of it is, this is much more how I use templates.  A rough guide for where to start.  You can sort of see a bit of the original sketch in the card.  I added the stitched border to the left hand side and top to reflect the same border as the sketch’s background and inside square.  The inked edge is the outside paper.  The stamped image is my nod to the inside square.  The tag is my nod to the photo block.  The button/twine is a sort of circle embellie, though you’ll notice that it’s migrated from the right hand side of the block to the left, and is completely missing off the top left corner!  And the airplane?  That’s just me!  Extremely different.  But, it’s what worked with the materials I had at hand!  I actually think it turned out very nice.

Materials used:

  • Ink – Him Holtz Distress Ink – Frayed Burlap.  Tsukineko’s Sheer Shimmer Spritz – Sparkle.  Tsukineko’s VersaMagic Chalk Ink – Night Sky.  Blue Pen – No idea.  Just a blue jell pen I had sitting around.
  • Twine – Martha Stewart’s Baking Twine.
  • Button – No idea.  Just a blue button I had sitting around.
  • Airplane – EKSuccess’s Sticko – Travel Pictograms.
  • Tag – 7Gypsies – 97% Complete Black & White Tags Assortment.
  • Stamp – Glitz’s Clear Stamps – Distressing Set 3.

And now for the fun part!  If you leave me a comment here, you’re entered to win an RAK!  If you post a link to my blog on your blog, or on your Facebook account, you’ve got a second chance.  If you become (or already are) a follower (you can sign up for email notification along the right hand side of the blog), you’ll get a 3rd chance.  Good luck everyone!  Don’t forget to let me know in the comments if you do either the link or the follow step.

Thanks for stopping off here, and on to your next stop: Janice!

Don’t forget, if you get lost, you can always pop back to Amanda’s blog and figure it out from there.

Christmas Bloghop!

Hello hello!  If you’ve come from Amy’s blog, you’re in the right place!  If not, go to Amanda’s blog, and find out what all the fuss is about.  I do hope you’ll enjoy this blog hop, and maybe get some fun inspiration for Christmas this year!   There’s a reward for getting all the way through my post… go find it.  And, I’m offering a Giveaway.  The details are at the very end of the post.

Well, in the run up to this blog hop I had a few mishaps and adventures.  “Adventures” in my family is code for, it didn’t go according to plan.  Namely?  Pink Eye.  Yep, I had a raging case of conjunctivitis.  So, I didn’t get a chance to finish constructing my item.  But I DID get the plans all done. So, never fear, even though only the basic house is put together, ALL THE PLANS are there for you!

House?  Did I say house?  Hmmm… maybe I”m getting ahead of myself.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have huge blocks of time in which to do things.  You do your Christmas chores in dabs and bits as and when you have time.  Including the dreaded Christmas Cards!  And, pretty soon you have quite a pile slopping all over the place, waiting to get posted off.  Well, never fear.  I have a darling little solution for you!

A Christmas House Card Caddy:

Now, I had originally planned for it to be all decorated like a gingerbread house, with a darling little door and windows and a chimney…. and then my “adventure” happened.  But, you can make yours much cuter than mine!  In fact, the plans have two different chimneys.  One that sits on top of the roof, the other that goes along the side of the house.  I’ve also drawn up optional windows.  My suggestion for how to use them is to cut them out, then cut out the inside panels, (leaving the window frame and cross section) and fill the “panes” with yellow card stock for light “shining” through the windows.  Oh how I wish I’d had the time to get that done so you’d have an example to see!  *sigh*  Never mind.  At least you have the plans.  And, hopefully you’ll get to see my finished product in a couple days.  (In other words, check back!)

Here are the designs for the house.  They’re in JPG, ready for 8.5 x 11 printing.  Click on the photo to download the full res.

You’ll need to print off two copies of the Front/Back and two copies of the Sides.  Everything else prints enough copies that you won’t need to print additional copies to get enough pieces.  The door is designed to be 3D, but the windows are not.  If you want to make them 3D, add a popdot behind them when you mount them on the walls of the house.

I chose Kraft Paper because it looks like Gingerbread, but any good heavy Card Stock will do.

Now, you’ll notice, when you print these out, they have fold marks.  I used my cutting board and a pen to score the lines.  If you have a score board, lucky you!

By the way, it’s MUCH easier if you score everything before you go to add the adhesive.

When you put together the roof, you will have a gap at the top.  The roof will NOT meet.  That’s intentional, because it’s where you put the cards once the house is finished.

For the tiles, I chose a 1 inch paper punch and white Card Stock, but you can do whatever decoration you want on your roof.

Have fun!

Now, your reward for making it this far….. The word for my post is MOST.

And the promised Giveaway details!  I’ll be pulling a random name on Christmas Eve, 11.59pm Mountain.  If you want to win, there are several ways you can get an entry.  You can have up to 4 chances to win:

  1. Make a comment here.
  2. Become a follower (and leave a comment telling me.)
  3. Post a link (on your blog, on Facebook… wherever) to my blog (and leave me a note saying you’ve done so.)
  4. Make a Card Caddy and post it on your blog/Facebook… and link back to my blog!  (Don’t forget to leave me a note telling me you’ve done so!)

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!  Don’t forget… the deadline to enter is MIDNIGHT on Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas!!!!!  Now, head off to visit Briana!


Yeay!  I’ve finished mine.  Here you go!

Known Baby Book

So, this is apparently the year for babies!  Not only are my friends in Ireland having a baby later this month (the ones for whom I made the “Unknown Baby Book) and my sister’s due in September, but my best friend had one in April.  However, because she’s Australian, and they live here (he’s English), her mum couldn’t make it over til July.  So they waited to have the baby blessed til her mum could be here.  So I went up for the blessing, and took their baby book.  They had a boy.  (Name has been obscured to protect the innocent.)

And, here’s  the card I made, too.

Now, what’s really awesome is, that edge punch I used for the ruffle on the baby pram?  I used the same one to make the wheels.  Oh, and it’s the same punch I used to make the splashes on the “Splish Splash” page!  Love it when I can make a border punch work overtime!

Friend Ships!

Ok, I know, I know . . . I keep saying I’m not a card maker.  And then I keep putting up a card!  But, this one was just too cute (and too easy!) not to put in.

I got this adorable card in the post yesterday from a friend (The Crazy English Girl) and I thought she did an ‘Admiral’ job.  (Sorry!!  Couldn’t help myself.)

So, the first thing I did (well, after emailing my thanks to the CEG) was figure out how to make one!  Here you go:

Start with a square piece of paper (I used 6×6):

Fold the paper like you’re going to crease corner to corner, but don’t go all the way.  I’ve creased about 1/3rd of the way to the centre of the paper.  That fold becomes the bow of the ship.

See how in that second photo the edge is starting to try and bend?  You’re now going to make that more obvious.  This is the tricky part, because you’re essentially going to complete that corner to corner fold, but the second 2/3rds of the fold are going to go backwards from what you would do if you wanted to make a triangle.  What you do to get the ship shape (Sorry!  That one was unintentional.  Honest!) is push the unfolded side of the paper back towards the creased side, pinching the folded point as you go.  This is what forms the bulk of the ship.

Now, you’re going to continue that fold where it is.  You won’t have 2 triangles at the end.  You’ll have something that looks identifiable as a ship.

And, in fact, you can leave it as done at this point, and have a sail boat.  However, if you want the smokestack shape, you’ve got one fold left.  Bend the top of the upper triangle down, at the angle of your choice (more fold = sharper angle).

And you’re done!  You can decorate it however you like, and they’re ready to set sail (or get under-way)!  Here’s my current Friend Ship Fleet: