CSI Case File 145 – Cotton Candy Lime-Aid

Happy Friday.

Between being out of town, catching a cold, guests in town… I missed last week’s LO getting uploaded here.  But, don’t worry… here’s the catchup.

The file:

Case File 144

CSI Case File 144

CSI Case File 144

Now, don’t forget, you have til Sunday night to complete this challenge.  There are still a few days left.

I particularly wanted to show you this LO because of the tiny “Cotton Candy” Q-Tips next to the photo block.  They were made by my adorable nephew and my mom.  I came in one day whilst we were visiting to find them using markers and a spray bottle to make them.  Cute, huh?  Well, they came in handy for more than one LO.

Here’s this week’s Case File:

Case File 145

And how I solved it:

CSI Case File 145

CSI Case File 145

You’ll notice the small photo in the corner has another of my nephew’s masterpieces.  I just love the things.  And love that I got to use them twice!

This background was a lot of fun to make.  I soaked the waterdcolour paper with water, then ran my broken china distress ink over it.  Then I used several stencils and layered different mediums on top.  The black dots and the white circles are stamps.  The stripes are the TH stencil with glitter paint.  I found the title somewhere on the internet, and thought it was pretty perfect for these photos of my friends from this summer.  We have a good time together…. and since we’re all scrapbookers, we do leave a trail of glitter wherever we go….

Can’t wait to see how you solve the case!


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