CSI 142 – It Just Got Real

Hey everyone! Friday, again! Here’s the Case File for 142:

Case File 142

I love this image.  So fun.  (Except… I have major issues with the idea that anyone is right OR left brained……)

Here’s how I solved the case:

Case File 142 - It Just Got Real

Case File 142 – It Just Got Real

Light Bulb
Speech Bubbles
Plain White Background

Journal in Speech Bubbles

Journaling is about the differences between my previous PhD studies, my current life, and the PhD I’m about to begin. The photo is of the journal articles I was reading to write my proposal. The “It Just Got Real” refers to the fact that I’d been working on getting back to the PhD for over a year, and this was the first thing than I was doing that said, dude… this is REAL. It’s actually happening.

The “genius” refers to a Poem Mooney wrote (its’ at the bottom of my page):

Constant Thought
Never Stopping
Whizzing By on your Mind Roller Coaster


2 thoughts on “CSI 142 – It Just Got Real

  1. scrapvat says:

    Yip it is… and good luck with it all too. Such and exciting new phase. I love the way you used the starburst and the brain. Very clever. Love the photo

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