CSI 133 – #PWNED

Here’s the CSI Case File for this week!

CSI Case File 133

CSI Case File 133

Ha.  Ha.  So, I have these “friends” who think the funniest thing in the world is to Pink Prank me.  The first year (we have an annual retreat) they pranked me with pink shirts, I happened to be wearing orange.  Seriously, perfect photo to use for Case File 133!

Here are the results:

CSI 133 - Solved

CSI 133 – Solved

This was just fun to make.  And it made me laugh again.  I wrote the journaling using the “How To List” prompt.  Yeah… I had to actually BUY pink paint and ribbon.  I really, honestly, didn’t own any.

So, come play along!  Looking forward to seeing how you solve the case!


3 thoughts on “CSI 133 – #PWNED

  1. Patty Rogers says:

    Thanks for the instructions, Adele! Beautiful LO.

  2. scrapvat says:

    hahahahahah wonder who those friends are 😀 Love this layout and that photo is just so cool…. Why didn’t you just buy a piece of pink ribbon. Love this layout

    • dleebug says:

      I know… Just spent a 4th weekend with those crazy women!!!! And they ranked me GOOD this year! I did buy the ribbon, too. But so many of my DT assignments are calling for pink, the paint was just useful.

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