August Inspired By Sketch

Hello all!  I hope you’re enjoying using the sketch this month.  I had a whole lot of fun making it!  And if you’re a digi girl, you’re welcome to pop over to the downloadable psd file.

For Halloween a couple years ago, my sister suggested I start an Epic Costume (that’s a costume that you use more than once, and improve on from year to year) of a Weeping Angel (only the most frightening monster in the Who-niverse).  She was, as always, brilliant.  So I started.  2013 was the 2nd year for me using it, and I wanted to make improved wings, but just didn’t have time.  I moved, instead.  Trust me, it was a win in the long run.

On Halloween my sister and I took her 3 year old to the town centre for Main Street Trick-or-Treating, and met up with some friends.  As we’re walking along the sidewalk, I get this thrill every time I hear someone (usually older teens or early 20s kids who have probably only ever seen the reboot Doctor, but I’m not complaining!) say something about “Don’t Blink!” (the way to defeat the Angels is to keep looking at them.  If you look away, even for the space of a blink, they will win.)  Then… I spot HIM…. err… her, in my case.  The Doctor!  A young lass had dressed up as the 11th Doctor… defeater of the Weeping Angels!  We had fun taking a couple photos of her defeating me.

That’s the story behind my LO.  Don’t Blink – The Angels Have the Phone Box.

To create the background, I soaked the background paper (watercolour paper) with water, then droped my ink onto the wet, which caused it to spread cool.  I let it dry, then used gel bead medium and a stencil to create the circle/stripe shapes.  Once that had dried, I went over it with yellow ink to give it a bit more punch.  It’s actually a really simple technique, but the results are amazing!

Don’t forget to post your LO and link it here so we can see!  Happy Scrapping!


One thought on “August Inspired By Sketch

  1. scrapvat says:

    I love this layout and although I haven’t watched Dr Who in forever I was totally captivated by your story. Love the photos and the background is just amazing. Stunning Miss Adele.

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