CSI/ARTastic July CaseFile

We still have two weeks left in this challenge, so head on over to CSI and ARTastic to get up and running with this beautiful challenge!

CSI/ARTastic Case File

I actually solved this in two different ways.  First, I had fun with some Geeky Whovian photos I took with Mooney:

CSI/ARTastic Case File - Solved!

CSI/ARTastic Case File – Solved!

My Evidence is:

  • Stripes
  • Polkadots
  • Distressed Edges
  • Transportation Accents (My TARDIS – it’s a space/time ship.  Totally transportation!)
  • Sand-like Substance (Embossing Powder)

My Testimony is:

One Little Word – Allons-y

The journaling reads: “The 10th Doctor’s cathphrase is French for, “Let’s Go!”  I’ve always loved that phrase.  It fits my “Carpe Diem” attitude so well.

My Dad always said, “Let’s do something, even if it’s wrong,” a phrase that as a kid, always confused me.  But the older I get, the more that resonates with me.  I would rather be with memories of things I have done, than things I haven’t.”


And because I couldn’t resist…. I did a second LO for this challenge.  I mean… the inspiration photo is of an Australian travel poster.  I couldn’t resist!

CSI/ARTastic Case File - Solved!

CSI/ARTastic Case File – Solved!

My Evidence is:

  • Distressed Edges
  • Stripes
  • Scallops
  • Polkadots
  • Transportation Elements
  • Silhouette
  • Sand-like Substance (Errr…. Sand.  Just… Sand.)

My Testimony is:

Use Stripes as Journaling Lines.

Journaling reads: “I love to Travel.  There is little more wonderful in this world than going somewhere you’ve never been before.”

Now, the story behind the shoes (because I’ve been asked several times) is really not very exciting.  I’d just flown into Melbourne (from New Zealand, so I wasn’t jetlagging) and my friend had met me at the airport.  She took me on a drive along the Great Coastal Road, which was… wow.  Impressive.  Deserves the “Great”.  We stopped at the memorial gate, and I took my shoes and socks off to get my feet in the sand.  I hooked the shoes over the fence so that I wouldn’t lose them.


One thought on “CSI/ARTastic July CaseFile

  1. scrapvat says:

    I love both of these layouts. Aren’t you a little busy bee. Both so different and so pretty.

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