Inspired By – Rock Hopscotch

Hello and welcome to my Inspired By LO.  To remind you of what the photo is, here you go:

May Inspired By Photo

Isn’t this gorgeous?  I love the paintings on the stones.  They’re so much fun. I was inspired by the path.  As I mentioned before, I was recently in Australia.  I did a bunch of Bush Walking (hiking) whilst there.  One of the places I hiked I had to traverse a small river.  It was not real big deal, just a little hop across, but my friend (Yeah, I have friends all over the world) snapped a cool photo of me doing it.  That’s where my brain went to when I saw this inspiration photo.

Inspired By May DT Assignment

Inspired By May DT Assignment

To make the background, I played with some water/ink techniques.  I have a love affair with ink.  It’s so fun.  To make this one, I started with heavy watercolour paper.  You can get a huge pad at most art stores.  I get the 18×24″ paper and trim it down.  That way I get 2 12×12 pages out of every sheet.  I took my watercolour paper and ran it under the sink tap, thoroughly drenching the paper.  I let the water sit for a minute to soak the paper, then wet it again.  The paper WILL warp, so I flattened it out again, and then laid it on my table and sprayed the paper again.  Then I quickly dropped the blue ink in splotches around the page.  This blue is actually calligraphy acrylic ink.  The super fresh water let the ink spread really awesome, in circular patterns.  I waited a few minutes for the ink to absorb, then dropped a second round of blue on, and added the dark green (a Mr Huey’s spray ink that I used a water dropper with).  This did not spread the same, in fact it acted very much like what it would have done if I had dropped it on dry paper: pooled all in one area.  That wasn’t the look I was going for, so I grabbed my spray bottle and VERY CAREFULLY sprayed the paper.  By very carefully, I mean, I sprayed NEAR, but not OVER the ink.  Because if you spray the ink, you will actually splash the colour around, giving a mottled look.  It’s cool, but again, not what I was going for.  But by bringing the nozzle right close to the paper (less than an inch above), I was able to wet the paper without splattering the ink.  Once the ink mixed with the water, it spread around in puddles.  I let the two inks spread and mix a bit, and just let it dry.  Normally I’m all about using the oven to speed up the drying, but you can’t really do that with this.  The paper is SO saturated the ink is pooling on the top, so if you move it, it ruins your awesome shapes.  Once it’s mostly absorbed in, though, you can move it (carefully) and at least speed the drying time up.

Once the ink was dry, I used a BoBunny distressing stamp and embossing powder to do the edges.  Then I used a stencil and more embossing powder to do my centre.  I love the Ranger Embossing Dabber for use with the stencils.  It pretty much rocks the world!

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2 thoughts on “Inspired By – Rock Hopscotch

  1. Marci Olson says:

    Simply beautiful my friend! 🙂

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