CSI 123 – Solved

It’s reveal day once again over on CSI!

This week’s case file was super fun to work with:

Case File 123

Case File 123

I totally fell in love with those beautiful colours.  And the whimsy was very fun, too.

To solve the case I chose some photos from my visit to the Melbourne, Australia Aquarium.  (If you’re ever there, it is well worth a visit.)

Case File 123 - Solved

Case File 123 – Solved

The scene uses all 5 colours.

  • Mixed Media Background
  • Jewels
  • Dragon/Creature
  • Drape Something

I chose an Angel Fire Prompt: Journal about a time you’re heart was racing from fear.
Journaing reads:
The Aquarium in Melbourn was amazing.

I particularly loved the salt water croc tank.  They had observation “bubbles” inside the tank.  You could crawl under and pop up in an acrylic bubble set into the floor to get a closer look.

When I was there, the croc was nearly pressing up against it, so when I popped up, my nose was about 2 inches from his elbow.  My heart (irrationally) did a hiccup.

Primal Fear.


I took the colour pallet to be “blood in the water.”  That was the look I was going for.  To enhance that effect, I used a stencil and some Rock Candy Crackle Paint (it’s clear.  LOVE that stuff!), then dropped some calligraphy acrylic ink over the top to let it ooze down, like if the croc had bashed against the pane of glass, fracturing it and leaving some blood behind.  I think it turned out pretty awesome.

Smashed Pane

Smashed Pane

The background is two different colours of ink (blue calligraphy acrylic ink and teal Dylutions spray ink) that I splattered in random spots around the page, then sprayed water over and let them mix and mingle.  Once it was dry I used acrylic paint and a BoBunny edging stamp to do the edge of the paper.  Finally adding the crackle paint at the end.

Ok, you’ve got a week to solve it yourself!  So head on over to CSI and have a crack!


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