CSI: 121 – Solved

As I said last month, I’ve been invited to become a Detective over on the CSI: Color, Stories, Inspiration challenge site.  Today is my very first Case!  I have been solving these cases for a year now, and I just love them.  Not only are they fun, but they’re perfectly designed to make your skills grow.  I’ve developed more in my scrapping skills since joining this challenge than I have from any one other thing, ever.  These challenges really make you think.  Debbi, thank you so much for this brilliant challenge you run every week, and I’m thrilled to join your Detective Team!

This week is Case #121.  Here’s the Case File:

May Case File 121

May Case File 121

Here is how I solved the case:

May Case File 121 – Solved

Scene – All 5 colours are present, though the burgundy is only in the stamps.
Evidence – Maps, Book Pages, Metal, Something Transparent, String/Jute/Cording of Some Type
Testimony – Travel: v – Pursuing the unknown.  Make a journey, typically of some length, or abroad.  n – A state of Adventure.

As you may recall, I’ve just returned from an EPIC ADVENTURE to Australia and New Zealand.  I solved this case by centring my testimony around the journal prompt “Voyage”.  This photo just really captures a lot of how I feel about my travels.  I have a list of “must dos”, which is usually pretty short.  And I usually have some vague idea of what might be fun.  But the “plan” really is what I do when no more exciting opportunity presents itself.  I love not knowing what’s going to happen today (never mind tomorrow!) and often, not even knowing where I’ll sleep!  The excitement of the unknown.

This is a digi page, which is less usual, but I knew I wanted to do the watermarking on the journal, so it just worked.  Mostly the products are from Studio Maya (Steampunk collection) and Katie Periete (many different collections.)  The font is from dafont.com, Jefferson (as in, Thomas Jefferson.  Modelled on his handwriting.)

My File is now marked CLOSED: SOLVED.  Your turn!  Pop on over to CSI and have a go at solving this case yourself!


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