Colour Run Splashout

It’s just past the middle of March!  Hope you enjoyed Pi Day (3.14), and that the Ides were tranquil (3.15), and a very Happy St Patrick’s Day to you, tomorrow!

I had a lot of fun with this month’s Inspired By challenge!  Here’s my LO:

March Inspired By DT LO.

I was inspired by the central image with the radiating colours.

To make my background, I first used one of my favourite stencils ever.  It’s from Crafter’s Workshop.  I used Golden Mediums’ Heavy Gel with the stencil to create the dot texture, and let it dry (hallelujah for my oven!  Otherwise this project would have taken DAYS).  Then I ground red gelato into a paste, added a little water and splashed it down over the paper, and let it dry (oven again!)  Then I repeated the process with the yellow gelato.  And again with the blue.  And finally the green.  You can see why my oven was so important!  The gelatos would have taken for EVER otherwise!

It’s a pretty simple LO, but very bold and fun.  Don’t forget to post your LO on the blog!  And let us know what you were inspired by!


3 thoughts on “Colour Run Splashout

  1. scrapvat says:

    lol why am I not surprised that your oven is used to dry layouts 😀 actually that is pretty dam clever… LOVE this layout and the way that you created it. Love the bright colours and the photos are so cute. Way to go Adele.

    • dleebug says:

      Thanks, Val! I love using my oven! I don’t have time to wait for stuff to dry! My new oven is a tiny bit too warm, so I have to leave the door ajar.

  2. Carolyn Ewy says:

    Awesome colors & texture! Love the way you scrapped these photos….perfect!

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