Pipe Cleaner Tube Map

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…. “Pipe Cleaner Tube Map?”  But it will make sense, I promise.

This week’s Child’s Play Challenge is Pipe Cleaners.  I’ve never done much with them, so I had to work a bit on how they were going to inspire me.  Finally, I realised that the colours were similar to the London Underground Map, and that you could use them to create the system, and that’s where I got going.  I didn’t actually USE any pipe cleaners on my LO, or in my photos, but that’s where my idea came from.

Here’s my LO:

March Child's Play DT LO.

March Child’s Play DT LO.

I used Golden Mediums’ Glass Bead Gel with an urban-y stencil to create the shapes along the edges of my page.  The shapes reminded me of tube lines and hubs, and the arrowed ones were fun in a “from here to all points” sort of way.  I then dropped ink from above to create splatters, and used a paint brush carefully spread the ink over all the gel, giving it definition.  I then fussy cut the shapes out to use on my LO.  It’s actually a very simple LO in terms of technique, but I really like the effect.  The perfect way to document my commute into London for work!

Don’t forget to let us see your work, and also tell us what inspired you.  There’s a link on the side of the Child’s Play blog for you to add your LO to!  Happy Scrapping.


3 thoughts on “Pipe Cleaner Tube Map

  1. scrapvat says:

    Bloody amazing I reckon… I love it… way to clever for me. 😀

  2. Carolyn Ewy says:

    An amazing layout….love the neat effects using the gels and ink drops, neat effect! I need to get brave and try something new! Thanks for sharing!

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