Scrap Tournament Challenge 2

Somehow (I’m still not sure how!) I made it through the 1st round of the tournament.  Which means I’m on to the second!  And what a challenge it was.

1 – Monochromatic
2 – NO BLACK (ink, pen, nothing except what’s in the photo)
3 – 1 photo must be black and white
4 – Double Page LO
5 – 1 photo must be partly on each page (split photo)
6 – Any theme/photo number (minimum 1)

Monochromatic Pink Snowboots

Monochromatic Pink Snowboots


I chose white for my LO to set off the pink of my nephew’s snowboots.  He LOVES pink.  I turned all the photos black and white, but left the boots pink in all the photos.  (I love the app Color Picker.  Super easy to use and awesome results.)

Here are some closeups on the details you might not be able to see (since white on white is REALLY hard to photograph.)

Embossing, Paste, Paint, Stickles and Rhinestones

Embossing, Paste, Paint, Stickles and Rhinestones

A bit of lace tucked against the photos.

A bit of lace tucked against the photos.

Well… we’ll have to see what the voters think of this week’s LO!



7 thoughts on “Scrap Tournament Challenge 2

  1. Candee Schamber says:

    LOVE it!

  2. tanbraelabs says:

    Your layout is gorgeous!

    I’m wondering, because I’m looking for a medium, what you used for the “snow” on your layout? Is it a gesso? I want something that will go on an album cover (probably chipboard, or chipboard covered with canvas) that I can stamp in, and have some texture.

    Keep up the good work! I enjoy seeing your creations.

  3. val says:

    I love this layout Adele… it is so cool. And I love E’s pink boots… they rock… I am struggling with mine hope to finish tonight… had such a freakin hectic weekend @@… lots o love xox

  4. Carolyn Ewy says:

    Very pretty layout….love the texture & photo!

  5. Yvonne says:

    Your layout is amazing!

  6. Bärbel says:

    I love the LO and especially the fact that you coloured the photos!!! ❤

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