Mama’s Boys

It’s a new reveal over on Child’s Play Challenges!

This week it’s “Classic TV”, and the choice was “Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown”.

Child’s Play February Challenge 1

I’ve never seen it.  Don’t lynch me.  I don’t like Charlie Brown.  I never have.  I like Snoopy, but he’s the only one from that strip that I like.

I’m not a Valentine girl, either.  Not only am I single, but I feel like Valentine’s puts too much emphasis on overt/saccharine displays of affection.  I prefer my friends and family know I love them by how I treat them all year long.

So, this was a real challenge for me.  Here’s what I ended up with:

Child’s Play February Team 1

I had a vague idea that I’d use a vintage Valentine doily look… but of course, I don’t actually HAVE any doilies!  So I went with paste, instead.  I decided to keep things very simple because I wanted both the sweetness of the photos to shine, and not to get too saccharine!  I threw in just a couple of blue and red ink splashes because… well, we are talking about boys.  They’re never pristine!  Seriously… I think they even acquire dirt in their sleep.  Also, it’s very subtle, but there are some gel hearts in the upper left corner, and in the upper right of the lower photo.  They’re just a bit of texture, really, but kind of a fun surprise.  Again, I was going for sweet, but not teeth achingly so.

The story behind these photos…. My sister had her second child in January, and they wanted to get some cute photos of the newborn.  They found a photographer who was willing to come to the house to do the photos (seriously, this is THE way to go for newborn shots!), but on the day my older nephew would *not* cooperate.  Seriously, he even refused to get dressed.  Running around in his skin because he did NOT want to take photos!  Said, “I’m too shy!” (which is such a lie, the little monkey.)  He genuinely LOVES his baby brother (“I named him Andrew!” — which is NOT his name.  But that’s what he calls the baby!) and once we said he could wear his jammies (some of you know that this kid is never out of jammies.  Like, ever.) I was able to entice him into the room by suggesting he give the baby a toy.  He loves to bring things to the baby, so that was acceptable.  And my sister and I started playing/tickling/teasing him, so we were able to get these two shots of mommy with her 2 boys.  Literally the only shots we were able to get.  Stinker.

Hope to see your projects soon on the blog!  Don’t forget to let us know what inspired you.  Also, if you don’t have a blog, you can always upload your project directly to our FaceBook Page!


2 thoughts on “Mama’s Boys

  1. scrapvat says:

    Ah Adele, this is super cute. I love the white on white gesso and the splats are perfect… Love the pics of your sis and her boys and I couldn’t agree with you more on Valentines day…. You rocked this one. 😀 xx

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