Case File 105 – Geronimo!

I’m a little late in posting this week.  It’s been a bit hectic at my house this weekend.  My sister had her baby!  And it was NOT an easy birth.  Bless.  So I’ve been keeping my 3 year old nephew whilst his Mommy and Daddy dealt with getting my new nephew here!  Thankfully, the new baby has arrived safely and both mommy and baby are doing well.

Right, anyway… back to the scrapping!  (Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing the new arrival soon.)

This week over on CSI we had a very fun case to solve.

Case File 105

Plus, it’s the 2nd week of the month, so we also get an awesome sketch!

Case File 105 Sketch

And, here’s how I solved the case:

Case File 105 - Special Investigator

Case File 105 – Special Investigator

Oh yeah, this was a fun one!  The stripes are WASHI!  Yeah!  Love it when I can make awesome use of my huge Washi stash.  And the grey stripes on the right is paste that I’ve tinted.  The title is one of the taglines from the 11th Doctor (Doctor Who).

I particularly love the photo in the bottom right, of the two of us together.  That photo just makes me smile every time I see it.  The caption reads “Make More Awesome Be Awesomer”.  And every time I think, “Not possible.  We’re already too awesome for words!”  She looks at it and thinks, “Yep.  We totally did!”  Same thing, but different views.  All month long you’ll see that my friend Mooney (she’s a Full Time Detective over on CSI) and I have matched up our photos.  So, be sure to hop over to her Blog to check out her version.  Because… seriously… it’s awesome how different they are!


One thought on “Case File 105 – Geronimo!

  1. scrapvat says:

    This is such a fun layout … I love the photos and I love the colours and most of all I love the journalling. Proving once again that opposites do attract. I think that I really would be good friends with you two too… fab layout and I am so glad that your sis is doing ok and Baby Eric too… ❤

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