Sonic Screwdriver

As you know by now (if you’ve been following for more than just a day or two), I love Doctor Who.  And I’ve corrupted introduced my Best Friend as well.  In fact, we were goofing around all day on FaceBook with various Whovian Quizzes: Which Companion Are You? (River Song, Duh!) and Which Doctor Are You? (11!  Yeay!  Although I’d have been equally happy with 10, 9, 8… you get the idea.  Wait… this means I’ve married myself!) I was out at her house last week (we don’t live in the same TimeZone) and we rewatched the whole of season 7 in preparation for The Event this weekend: 50th Anniversary Special!

For weeks I’d been preparing for that visit, actually, by building a fabulous Whovian Shrine Shadow Box for her for Christmas.  Since I was going to visit shortly before, we decided to swap Christmas presents early, rather than paying to post them.  One of the things I had for the box was the 11th Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver.  I bought it off of Think Geek (oh the rapturous joys of that site!)  When it arrived (to my sister’s house), my nephew wanted to see it, so I let him play with it.  He’s NEVER seen an episode of the Doctor.  They’re just  a wee bit too intense for him.  It was under 30 seconds before he’d figured out how to work the screwdriver, though!

Sonic Screwdriver Case File: 97

The LO is also for CSI Case File: 97.  This file had a fun sketch to go along with it, which used a bunch of circle shapes.  I have this awesome stensil I found off Flying Unicorn (they’ve got awesome stuff, seriously, check them out.) that is all urban and boy.   And the circles with the lines and chevron’s coming off them are perfect.  Really perfect.  Like soundwaves rippling off the Sonic Screwdriver.  I used heavy gel medium on watercolour paper, let it dry, the dropped ink from above and let it dry.  Then I fussy cut the whole thing out to use on my LO.  The background paper is from Bassill, and had a premade background harliquin pattern (glossy on white) and I inked a few of the diamonds.  The running turquoise drips are bairly watered down modeling paste that I coloured with ink.  It was a super fun LO to make!

CSI Watch List


One thought on “Sonic Screwdriver

  1. Colleen says:

    So that’s what those shapes you showed me were for. Looks awesome, as always! Love how the blue on the left looks…I want to touch it to see what it feels like!

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