Snow Capped

Hey everyone… another Case File at CSI has been successfully solved.  I absolutely adored the colours for this one:

Case File 95

It was so pretty.  I was all excited to use tons of gorgeous blue….. and then…… I didn’t.

Case File 95 Snow Capped

For some reason, I went very monochromatic!  But, of course, I still had to work in all the colours from the pallet.  I scattered two different colour blue sparklies around, used the chocolate ribbon and letters, and Distress Paint for the grey in a couple spots.  I love the effect.

Case File 95

If you’re curious about the story, my family goes camping in Yellowstone every year for my Dad’s birthday, at the beginning of October.  This year we actually had to go a bit earlier, in September.  We got snowed on!  In September!  My nephew was in HEAVEN.  He and Papa (grandpa) had an epic snow fight.  Dad made this giant snowball, and my nephew was totally oblivious to the impending doom over his head.  I finally got his attention, and he looked up and said, “Papa!  No Papa!”  He grabbed the snowball…. and used it on Papa instead!



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