A Shared Experience

Every day Mooney and I share our day with each other.  There’s this small problem of living in different States (different timezones, even!)  We don’t let that stop us, though.  Texting is the most wonderful thing, ever!  Unfortunately… it doesn’t work whilst I’m abroad.  Happily, G+ Hangouts does!

Recently I was in Germany, and we texted our day back and forth, more or less as usual.  9 timezones not withstanding!  At one point Mooney said, “You should see our Hangout.  It’s awesome!”
Errr…. okaaaaay…. what have I been doing if not looking at our Hangout?!?

What she meant was, when she opened the window on her computer, it displayed all the photos we’d sent, plus the text box.  And she was right, it pretty much defined “awesome.”  This week’s Case File over at CSI seemed to be the perfect opportunity to scrap the awesome and random that is our daily text exchange.

A view of what it's like in my head.

A view of what it’s like in my head.

The Speech Bubbles house a fantastic quote from Doctor Who.  Amy asked the Doctor, “What’s it like in your brain?”  The Doctor replied, “A great big roller coaster, packed full of geniuses, all going, ‘Wheeeeee!'”  This sums up Mooney’s and my relationship so well, I just can’t tell you!  First of all, I made a Whovian of Mooney.  Introduced her to the wonderful world of Doctor Who.  Of course, she now hates me for this, but she means it in the best possible way.  For those of you who know the show, our relationship is very much like that of Donna (Mooney) and the Doctor (me).  And we’re constantly texting photos of Whovian things, or pins we find on Pinterest, or just… random references (literally, we have a Doctor reference every day.  No joke.  Frequently it’s in the first 10 minutes that we’re up.)  If you look in that photo you’ll see 9 photos all referencing the show.  And the text box even shows us discussing the evil head writer for the show.  (“Moffat!!!”  *Shakes Fist*)  The blue box in the corner is a Police Call Box… which is what the Doctor travels through time in.  Or, a TARDIS which LOOKS like a Police Call Box.  (It was originally a Red Phone Box I got on one of my many visits to the UK.  I altered it with blue nail polish and white French nail tip paint.  And a bit of bling for the light!)  So, we’re maybe *slightly* obsessed with The Doctor.

Journaling reads:
Everyday Mooney and I share our day.  It doesn’t matter if we’re 1 timezone or 9 timezones apart.  This is what our Google Chat looked like one day whilst I was in Germany.  From clothes shopping to city views.  And don’t forget Doctor Who.  Epic…      And Bad Wolf

(Yeah… so that’s another Doctor Who reference.)

You really should go check out the version Mooney put together for her book.  And then make sure you hit CSI and have a go yourself!

And then, log onto Netflix and start watching Doctor Who.  (I recommend starting from scratch, but be patient, it doesn’t really get going until towards the end of the 1st season.  Season 1 Episodes 9/10 – The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances.  That’s where things REALLY get interesting.)


5 thoughts on “A Shared Experience

  1. tanbraelabs says:

    psssst… Adele! You have a typo!

  2. tanbraelabs says:

    Cool layout, though!

  3. I love your take on the Google Hangout! Love all the balloons, clouds, and yes, the Tardis,which I only know because my DD is a Whovian and talks about it all the time.

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