Seeking – Child’s Play Challenge

It’s reveal day over on Child’s Play.  Love it!

Today’s inspiration is…. Yahtzee!  I love this game.  I got inspired by a couple of bits.

1 – The Professor.  In the old version, there’s this little professor dude in the corner.  He totally inspired me!
2 – 4 of a Kind.  That’s how many graduations I’ve had.  Well… how many I could have had.  I didn’t walk for my High School or Undergrad degrees (Other opportunities calling me away!)
3 – 5 of a Kind (ie – the Yahtzee).  That’s what I’m working towards.  I’m trying to finish my PhD.

Right… so here’s the LO:

Seeking my Yahtzee

Seeking my Yahtzee

I’m currently applying to a joint PhD program between Aston University in the UK and the University of Hofstra, on Long Island.  Hopefully I’ll get to finally finish this game!  (Left – Right that’s High School, Brigham Young University, University of Sheffield and University of Essex graduation photos.)

So, pop on over to the Child’s Play Blog and have a look at the inspiration.  Upload your LO to the gallery, and make sure you let us know what inspired you!  Happy Scrapping!


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