Stretching My Skills

If you haven’t started playing at CSI, you really need to come check it out!  As I’ve said before, I’m not a Pink Person.  I don’t use it.  I don’t own any Pink Card Stock.  So… twice this last month the colour pallet has included…. Pink.

The first time, it was a lovely pale pink:

CSI: Case File 80

CSI: Case File 80

See?  I used PINK!

But last week…. it was BRIGHT PINK!  Yeah.  That was going to stretch my skills, not to mention where was I going to find some BRIGHT PINK to use from MY stash?  Fortunately, the printables they provide had a couple of patterned papers.  Woot!  That saved my Pink Butt!  Also, fortunately my nephew’s been going through a Pink Love phase, so his wading pool is… Bright Pink!

CSI: Case File 82

CSI: Case File 82

You’ll note I only used the Pink in the papers I printed off.  Seriously, I don’t OWN Pink!

And, I’m thrilled to announce that Splash Down was selected this week as a Most Wanted LO over on CSI!  Thanks so much for the wonderful comments I’ve been receiving on the site.

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One thought on “Stretching My Skills

  1. Laurie Cashen says:

    Love your use of pink! Great layouts Adele.

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