Rocket Ship

Woo hoo!  Another awesome challenge from Child’s Play!

The challenge is “Gears”.  Those of you who know me probably guessed my reaction… total fist pump “Yes!”  I LOVE using gears on my LOs.  And you’re giving me an excuse???  I said to one of my scrapbooking friends recently, “I use gears like most people use flowers.”  I’m not a flower girl.  But I am all OVER the gears!

Child's Play Challenge: Gears

Child’s Play Challenge: Gears

My Linnie (Linnilated Parakeet) with my nephew.  The Linnie’s name is “Sprocket” because she’s just a tiny bit of a thing.  My sister jokingly called her “the Sprocket Rocket”.  My nephew (he’s 2) heard that and picked up on the “rocket” part…. and dubbed her “Rocket Ship.”  Yeah.  Guess what she get’s called most often.  Ethan just adores her.  He’s always begging to hold her.  He’s usually very gentle, and she will even let him give her scratches.  Of course, his family has a bird too (Green Cheeked Conure), so he has literally been around birds since he was born.  When I tell him “Auntie has to go home now,” he replies, “Ok… Blue Birdy stay at Ethan’s house?”  Haha… nice try kiddo.


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