August Inspired By Challenge

Hello everyone!  Here’s my take on our August Inspiration:

August Inspired By Challenge

I looked at our inspiration photo and it made me homesick!  I grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan.  For those who’ve never seen the Great Lakes, they’re inland seas.  But, because they’re fresh water, we call them Lakes.  Well… I’m currently living in a landlocked state.  WHAT DO YOU PEOPLE DO DURING THE SUMMER?!?  Seriously!  What do you do without a beach?  I just don’t know.
But one thing that’s universal about the Summer?  Sun.  And therefore, sunglasses!  These are my nephew’s 1st pair of Sunglasses.  He hates the bright sun.  He’s always asking to borrow Auntie’s Sunglasses, which obviously don’t fit!  So Auntie bought him a pair of his own.  They’re still a bit big, but hey… it’s an improvement!
I chose an American Craft summer theme kit that I had sitting around in my stash.  I think these papers are from last year, but I could be wrong.  I loved the tertiary colours (there’s an art term for you.  Most people are familiar with Primary Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue.  Secondary Colours are a combination of two Primarys: Green, Purple, Orange.  Tertiary are a combination of three.  Usually two Primary and White.) and they matched the Adirondack chairs from the Inspiration Photo.  Plus, the beachy papers fit with the beach theme.  I altered the sunglasses element.  They were originally attached to something else, but it didn’t fit with my design, so I carefully pulled them off and stuck them on the Good Day Sunshine element, instead.  The only thing on this LO that isn’t from the American Craft line is the cloud Washi Tape.  I think that’s by Bella Blvd, but I could be misremembering.
Anyway… there’s my non-beach Beachy LO!
Don’t forget, there’s still plenty of time for you to upload your LO Inspired By ours!

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