Camp Wanna Retreat

Every August I go to this marvelous crop in Washington State.  It’s a group of ladies that all met online.  The ladies may have started off as internet friends (or as some of their families say, “Imaginary Friends”), but they’ve certainly become my REAL friends!  They’ve become my stalwart companions.  I hate that we live so far away from each other!

Camp Wanna Campers (Note… No Pink for me!)

We call our crop Camp Wannahatchanegg (Camp Wanna for short) because a friend who couldn’t make it the 1st year kept asking, “Where are you? Wannahatchanegg?”  It stuck.  And, “Camp” because, well…. it’s a bit of a practical joke atmosphere.  Yeah.  Becky and I may have been known to Saran Wrap Cars.  And even Beds.  Yep.  Beds.  (Short Sheeted, too!)  This year, we were a bit more subdued (but by NO means restrained!)  Rather than wrap the whole car, we just stuck a big old Saran Wrap bow on the windscreen at the end.  And a couple of bits written in window chalk.  Seriously, we were tame!

That didn’t stop the rest of them from practical jokes!  I had the craziest week before leaving for Camp, and only slept 45 minutes before driving 11 hours (I had company, right Vee?)  So I went to be early (well… “early”.  10 pm!)  Came down the next morning… my whole desk was PINKED!  EVERYTHING!

My Pinked Workspace


But don’t worry, I wasn’t the butt of every joke!  Heidi’s husband got her GOOD with an April Fool’s Prank regarding Goats.  We followed up with some Goating of our own!

Goats For Sale!

That tiny hay bale?  LOVE!  Seriously, that MADE the joke.  Way to go Devra and Becky!

There were other shenanigans, but those were the best two.

Thanks, ladies!  It’s the best weekend, ever!  Anxiously awaiting next year… Laurie, how many days left?


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