6 Days

As you’ve no doubt gathered, I have been playing over at CSI for the past couple months.  Seriously… those folks are awesome with the inspiration!  LOVE all the challenges.  They’ve really pushed my skills and made me a better scrapper!

I got a text from one of my Besties today telling me I had to go check it out today: I’d made the Most Wanted again!  *squee!*

CSI: Most Wanted

Baby Robins In Montana

CSI Case File 81

Thanks, CSI!

Here are some details for you: The nest is made out of 2 circles of burlap I sniped and spiraled in on themselves, then “nested” (haha!).  The eggs are white pearls I used alcohol ink to colour.  So cute.

Ok, my favourite bit?  The lightbulb!  I’ve been coveting them for ages (they’re from Prima).  But I wasn’t real wild about the pre-printed words.  Turns out?  A little bit of Goof Off solvent takes them right off!  Woot!  You’ll be seeing them again!


2 thoughts on “6 Days

  1. tanbraelabs says:

    Nice! What are the diamonds, please?

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