DIY “Enamel” Dots

Ok, you’ve been eyeing those cute enamel dots in the Scrapbooking shops.  And you’re totally jealous because you’ve seen some super cute things coming out of the design teams using them.  But you just can’t pony up the cash? I hear you sister!  Me either!

But then I remember…. When I was a kid, my mom (she’s an artist) made these AWESOME “stained glass” (read: Melted Plastic!) window pains for my dad’s office door.  It was this gorgeous underwater scene with tropical fish and scuba divers (my family are huge dive fans!)  And, sure, she used a bunch of those melting crystals you can buy… but she needed something else to give some extra textures and shapes…. she used PONY BEADS!  Yeah!  Cheap old PONY BEADS!

Pony Beads

I grabbed a few red ones, some wax paper and my cookie sheet.  Turn my oven on to 400* F and stuck them in til they were smooth puddles.  (About 15 minutes.)  A word of warning… they do smell as they melt.  And create a bit of smoke, so you’ll want to have a fan ready to extract!  That smell totally took me back to my childhood, though!

Here’s how mine turned out:


DIY Pony Bead “Enamel” Dots

If you want to make smaller ones, you can!  Remember those bead images you made in Kindergarten?  Something that looks like this:

Plastic Melting Beads

Those can be melted into smaller pools of plastic, too!  And so can a lot of cheap beads you can buy.  Just make sure they’re plastic, not glass!  Cheap plastic buttons will melt, too!

Be sure to check back soon to see what I’ve done with my dots!


3 thoughts on “DIY “Enamel” Dots

  1. tanbraelabs says:

    Very cool, and very clever!

  2. […] those red dots?  Remember my post last week?  This is what I used them on!  Those are cheepo pony beads I got at a craft shop, then melted in […]

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