Welcome Melissa!

I’m so excited to welcome in our two newest Design Team members over at Inspired By!  Melissa and Steffanie.

I’ve known Steffanie for years.  I’ve even had the privilege of staying overnight at her house last month.  She was a true star and let me crash on her sofa after a CRAZY couple of days trying to catch a flight to Oregon!  She’s all kinds of crazy talented, too.

Melissa is a new friend, and one I haven’t yet met in person.  Note I said “yet”!  In fact, a coule nights ago, I had this crazy dream where I was stranded in an airport in New Zealand, and she rescued me!  (hmmm… me and stranded at airports starting to sound like a theme?  Well… you’d be right!)  Thanks, Melissa!  I’m sure your Real Life Self would have done the same for a Stranded Scrapper!  And don’t worry, I’ll make it down to visit before TOO long 🙂

Don’t forget: The June Inspired By Challenge is still going!  There’s a fun prize to be had, so you might as well get to your table and get Inspired!


3 thoughts on “Welcome Melissa!

  1. ScrapJAG says:

    Welcome, Melissa! I’m looking forward to seeing your work.

  2. LOL Adele! So looking forward to hanging out with you at “Inspired By” and would love to meet you in person!

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