I’m “Inspired By”!

I’m so excited! I’ve been sitting on this announcement for a while, so it’s awesome to finally share it.

I’ve been invited to join a brand new Design Team! Stacia, over at Scrap Stuffz, has decided to start an inspiration challenge.

I'm Inspired By!

I’m Inspired By!

Monday she revealed the first of the team, my very very very dear friend, Mooney! (Yeah, you’ll all know her as Laura, but she’s been Mooney to me since the first time I “met” her on the Club Creating Keepsakes Message Boards. I have to really concentrate to call her anything but “Mooney”.)

Here’s her LO:

Princess Adele Wakes Up Dead

Mooney’s Inspired By Design Team Reveal

Aaah, yeah… Mooney’s LO for this reveal? That’s me in the photos! I spent 10 days at her place (we live in different States) at the end of May (Happy Birthday, Mooney!) The story is, I’m NOT a morning person. So she started calling me “The Princess” because I don’t get up at Stupid O’Clock in the Morning! The other thing is, we joke about my “allergy” to Pink. One morning, she threatened me with Pink Glitter if I didn’t get up. You see the results. I Woke Up Dead.

Ok, back to the reveal. You’ve seen what Mooney and I call the “Psychedelic Fish”.

Inspired By

The Psychedelic Fish

We both had this immediate reaction to the fishie, Mooney saw the stripes on a black background. I saw Pinwheels!

My nephew called it "Hoopa Hooping"!

Cardstock: Bazzill
Washi: Queen & Co
Thickers: American Craft
Ink: Reflections, Zigg
Buttons: Reflections

Is my Nephew not the cutest kid you’ve ever seen? Seriously, that kid lights my world! This was his first time really playing with a Hoola Hoop, though there’s been one kicking around for a year or so. Bless him, he’s hilarious.

I chose these photos because the spinning of the hoola hoop is similar to the spinning of pinwheels.

I chose the colours based on my photo, of course, but I chose the background because of how much the black in the Psychedelic Fish image makes the other colours pop so well. Now, I came upon a problem. I don’t have any paper that’s a bright solid on one side, and black on the other. Much less have the 3 colours I really needed. So, what did I do? I glued 2 sheets of Card Stock together!

Pinwheels are super easy to make. Here’s a closeup of one of mine:

Pinwheel Closeup

Large are 2×2 inch squares, small are 1.25×1.25 inch squares.

To make them, I cut a square (the large ones in my LO are 2×2 inches, the small ones are 1.25×1.25 inches). Then I took my smallest Spellbinder Square Die and traced a square around the edge of the die. Then I scored corner to corner diagonally across the square, and cut along the score, from corner to the tip of the pencil square, 4 times. I then erased the pencil line, and bent the corner of one side of each resultant triangle into the centre, and used a wet adhesive to adhere it. Super simple, and totally effective! The centers were a little manky looking (from all that wet glue) so I added the button to disguise that! A bit of bling or a flower would be equally effective. I left mine rounded, but if you want it more flat, you could fold it instead. I also adhered them to my page with wet adhesive. Just didn’t want it to shift at all.

And, here’s a bonus LO I did. Yeah… I’ve been called an overachiever before.

Liquid Sunshine

Cardstock: Recollections
Ink: Mr Hughey’s, Tattered Angels, Tim Holtz
Embossing Powder: Stampendous
Paint: Tim Holtz
Embossing Folder: Tim Holtz
Font: Papertray Ink
Acrylic: Diamond Glaze
Clouds: American Crafts

For this one, the inspiration was the colours with the black (again) and the psudo frame around a central image. Obviously I upped the psudo frame to full frame… and multiplied, but that’s where I started. And the sunburst on my LO was a total afterthought that just happened to work with the radiating colours/black on the fish. Wish I could tell you it was planned, but it wasn’t. Happy Accident.

Right. It’s your turn! You’ve seen Mooney’s and my takes. Go. See. Do. Can’t wait to see your inspired creations! Oh… don’t forget, there’s a Mister Linkey for uploading your LO to the original challenge!


5 thoughts on “I’m “Inspired By”!

  1. Raechelle Bellus says:

    Congratulations! Both of your layouts for the challenges are wonderful! I especially love the pinwheels!

  2. ScrapJAG says:

    Congratulations! Wish I were half that talented. Your layouts amaze me, Adele.

  3. Congratulations Adele! I love both your layouts, and your story about Laura’s layout and the pink glitter made me LOL!

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