I haven’t been Idle

You might be surprised to hear that, even though I’ve been very bad about updating my blog, I have NOT been idle.  What have I been up to?  Well… I’ve made two extended trips back to the UK.  (Some of you know I lived there for many years.)  I’ve been to Oregon to visit one of my bestest friends on the planet.  I added a new member to my family (my Linni, Sprocket… unless you ask my 2 year old nephew, in which case he’ll tell you her name is Rocket Ship.)  I’ve applied for a zillion jobs (still waiting to hear on most of those.)   And… lots of creativity has been happening!

Several years ago my good friend Jenny and I decided that trying to figure out what to get each other for Christmas and Birthdays was a bit ridiculous.  Particularly because our birthdays are only a few days apart, so for both it’s a bit silly.  Instead, we started going places or doing things together.  Way more fun.  (Besides… meant nothing to clutter my mantel piece!)  Since I was visiting near Christmas, I suggested to her that we would go to the Harry Potter Experience, at the Warner Brothers studios north of London.

Jenny and I will be the first to admit, we’re geeks.  Well, that’s hardly surprising, is it?  We met whilst studying for our Masters Degrees (her first, my second!) and bonded over PhD Dissertations.  So, when something lights our fire, we do the Quintessential Academic Thing.  We Obsess.  No, really…. that’s what “research” really is.  Obsession.  So it’s not surprise that we had an absolute ball!

Anyway, here are a few of my recent LOs from that visit.  Proof positive that I’m a serious geek.

Tri Wizard Cup

Memorabilia from The Goblet of Fire.

Chapter 1:

The Privet Drive interior and exterior sets. PS – I did the calligraphy for the title. I really wanted it to say, “Chapter 1: The Boy Who Lived”, but there just wasn’t room 😦

Flying Car

Seriously, this was one of my favourite parts. Not only do you actually get to set in the (well, one of the) actual Ford Anglias, but then they throw you around inside and take your photo! Brilliant.

Gryffindor Tower

I mentioned I’m a Geek, right? So, yes, if you’re wondering, I am on Pottermore (SpiritEcho19025). And Yes, I have been sorted. Into Gryffindor. I actually registered a second time to see if, still answering the questions honestly (because I was torn on some of them!) I’d get a different answer. Nope. Still Gryffindor.

Mirror of Erised

Really like how this one turned out. Very Hybrid page. The frames are all digi elements that I printed separately.

Have You Seen This Wizard?

Funny story, Jenny and I picked the wands we liked the look of the best, without knowing whose it was. Turned out, I’d chosen Ginny’s. Kind of made me happy. I love Ginny. 🙂


This is NOT all I’ve done.  And I’m nowhere NEAR done.  Yeah, that’s how many photos I took that I can’t bear not to scrap.  Uh huh…. Geek.


3 thoughts on “I haven’t been Idle

  1. ScrapJAG says:

    LOVE your layouts!

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