Scrap Resolution

Ok, every year I start out with great intentions. I want to do loads of projects and especially layouts. But then…. Something always happens, and I don’t meet my goal. Or even come close. So this year, I’m changing my goals. I want to do 5 projects/month. That can be scrapping, sewing, knitting, house painting…. Whatever. And that includes projects like reorganizing my office our bedroom. Anything that’s not routine house work is counted.

What about you? What are your scrap/craft goals for 2012?


4 thoughts on “Scrap Resolution

  1. Mine is to do something crafty on a regular basis. Last year was very on and off for me!

  2. ScrapJAG says:

    Mine is to take at least one picture a day. Kind of like a 365 thing, but my own version.

  3. I would just love to actually have he time to some scrapping…I guess my goal is to make time and not allow anything to interfer with it. Now,I just need to find the time to fiure that part ot

    Happy New Year my friend!

  4. I think your goal sounds do-able. As for me, I just want to learn new things, become a better photographer and learn more about page design.

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