1st Quilt Top

A while back I started a project working with a bunch of old Hawaiian print shirts of my grandfather’s. When he died, my mom saved them all, and was going to make a quilt. Well, that was a couple years back, and she hadn’t done it, so in September when I drove up, I suggested that I do it, instead. I divided the quilts into 2 sets, the blues/neutrals and the brights. I decided I’d make 2 quilts, one for me and one for Lois. So, I made some inquiries (I made a quilt when I was 10, that was the only one I ever made!) and cut the shirts up (keeping as many of the interesting “shirt” bits as possible… things like pockets, seams, buttons…. to make it obvious that it was made from real shirts, not just Hawaiian print fabric.) I ended up having 16 sets of 8 piles of 8.5×8.5 squares! That meant my quilt would be 8 squares wide by 16 squares long. Ummm… ENORMOUS! And that didn’t count the framing fabric. Seriously, the thing would have been HUGE. So I started thinking about it, and what I came up with was either do 3 or 4 quilts. 1 for me, 1 for Lois both 8×12 and use the remaining 4 rows of each quilt to make an 8×8 quilt for our grandmother. Or 1 for me, 1 for Lois both 8×10 and use the remaining 6 rows to make 2 extra quilts, 8×6, 1 for mom, 1 for grandma. I talked it over with Lois, and we decided that 8×10 was going to be big enough to cuddle under on the sofa, or use for a picnic, and 8×6 would be a great size for a lap blanket while reading. So I’m making 4 quilts.

Anyway, last night, since I couldn’t sleep I finished up Lois’ quilt top! It was 8×6 when I started sewing last night, so I only had to attach 4 rows, plus the edging.


As you can see, even 8×10 is not small! Bless! It’s 75 inches across and 95 inches long (that’s 6’3″x8′)! That means I need to make 350 inches (just shy of 10 yards) of binding! Eeeeek!


5 thoughts on “1st Quilt Top

  1. Candee says:

    I love it! I also like the fact that it IS big. I started a denim quilt years ago, hand-sewn, that I wanted to fit on a king size bed, with lots of extra hanging down the sides. It was HUGE, but that’s what I wanted. Seems like they “cheat” you on material/size with bedding these days, and if there are two people in the bed, you can bet that one will be a “cover hog” and one will suffer from cold spots.
    At any rate, I never did finish that quilt, and ended up putting it in a Goodwill box. Now I wish I had kept and finished it.
    Can’t wait to see what else you create with your grandfather’s shirts!

  2. Hattie says:

    This is amazing!! What a special quilt to share with someone.

  3. mainly me says:

    What wonderful keepsakes and reminders of your grandfather! The quilt top looks great, Lois is a lucky gal! I’d like to see photos of the finished quilt, also a closeup or two showing the pockets, buttons, etc. What a great idea! (but only if you want to share such photos, I’m not demanding to see them LOL)

  4. Adele, it is just amazing and what a special reminder of your grandad! Lois is a very lucky girl!

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