Halloween Blog Hop

Hello!  And welcome to my stop along the Halloween Blog Hop.  If you haven’t come here from Kelly’s Blog, please go to Kathy’s to hit all the posts in order.

If you stopped by earlier, you probably noticed that my post hadn’t gone up yet.  That’s because I got my dates all confuddled…. no wait… that’s because it was my Halloween Trick on you!  Ha ha!  Got ya good, didn’t I?  😉   What?  you don’t believe me?  Well, fine.  You’re right.  I’m just a bit rubbish this week getting things up on my site.  I thought I had it all set up and ready to go, but when I checked this evening (I was out ALL DAY) I discovered…. I’d set it to post TOMORROW!  Ooops.  I do apologise!

So, here’s the rest of the main event:

I love Halloween!  Seriously, it’s so fun.  You’ve got costumes, and sweets, and staying out late… what’s not to like?!?  And my sister’s a professional Costume Designer.  Seriously.  That’s what she got her degree(s) in, and, though she’s not currently working, she has done.  She used to teach it at a local University, and she also used to costume for two of their dance troupes, as well as the theatre department.  So you know we go ov

Steampunk Robot

That’s me!  In costume!  My sister had TONS of silver lame fabric already in the house, so… that’s how it got decided that we’d be robots.  The Steampunk stuff sort of developed.  We’re a bit Steamy anyway, so when we start playing with what to do for the details on the costume, it naturally steamed the robots right up!  I’m a scrapbooker, so I have a die cut machine, and a die that’s cogs and gears.  So cute.  So I cut a zillion of them out of various types of foam.  Then I did clusters of gears and glued pins on the back so we could stick them on around the costumes, wherever looked good.

Here’s some closeups of the costume:

But this is my favourite bit:

SPATS!  I love them!  Like I said… I’m quite Steampunk, and I’ve been vintage for ages.  These just made me happy.  I’d been RACKING my brain all month to come up with a way to do silver shoes.  All the sudden my sister and I were driving home and it hit me… Spats!  I could make silver spats!  And they really Steampunked the costume tons.

They were REALLY easy!  And actually amazingly warm.  I had toasty toes, even though I was not wearing the warmest of costumes, and it is Utah.  If you want the pattern, go to Thank You For Not Being Perky to download her free Spats Pattern.  It’s REALLY easy, like I said.  Only 2 seams.  She has you cutting the fabric etc… and then hemming the edges.  I didn’t do that.  I used felt, instead of regular fabric, and then used an iron-on glue to lay the lame over top of the felt.  SO much easier.  Felt won’t pull or frey or do anything evil, it’s good and stiff, so easy to work with, and with the iron-on glue, you can make ANY fabric work.  So, that’s my tip!

Second, once you get the seams sewn do 2 things:

  1. Trim the seam edge down.  I used a standard 5/8″ seam allowance (which you have to draw onto the pattern.  Her pattern wouldn’t fit with the seam allowance, so you have to add it yourself.  Not hard.)  Once I had sewn the spats together, I trimmed the seam down by 1/2.  That means it’s less bulk inside the spat.
  2. Cut little notches.  This is a curved seam, so it needs a bit of extra room to make the curve happen.  You only need to notch it where it’s actually curved, and only 3 or 4 notches per curve.

Those 2 hints will make your life MUCH easier!

I also didn’t do real buttons.  I did self adhesive velcro.  If I were making them for “real”, I’d have done buttons, but for the costume, time was essenttal.

Oh!  Also, one more thing.. I added a bit of elastic to go under the ball of my foot and hold the spats down, so they didn’t try to creep up my leg.

Seriously, they turned out so cute, I’m so pleased with em.  I topped the buttons with copper washers and steal locking  washers that I glued together using E-6000 adhesive, which stays flexible after it dries.  That makes them look kind of like cogs, themselves.

Hope I’ve inspired you to be creative with your costumes this Halloween!  Now, on to your next stop on the Blog Hop: Judy over at Be Present – Be Real.

Also… check back here on the 1st of November.  I’ll have a random draw for a fun freebee from the commenter on this post.  To enter, write a comment for this post by 11.59pm 31 October 2011.  If you want a 2nd chance, become a follower, and let me know in the comments!


Wore the costume to Boo at the Zoo today.  Took my 1 year old nephew up there.  Everyone LOVED our Steampunk costumes (Me, Brother-in-Law, Sister and Nephew, all in matching costumes!)  When we got home, my sister says,

“I wish I had spats, too.”
So I said, “You want spats?  I’ll make you spats!”
Sister: “But we don’t have any more felt.”
Me: “Felt can be arranged!”

So I spent the rest of the day making her spats.


8 thoughts on “Halloween Blog Hop

  1. Kathy Wittlock says:

    So glad it all worked out – the spats are cool- the outfits wonderful! So hope ya had a good Boo at the zoo!

  2. Love those spats! The costume is adorable!

  3. Oh wow Adele you look amazing!!!! Seriously, your costume is so cool! Love your make up too! I wish my sister made stuff like that or that I could! Happy Halloween my robot friend! 🙂 And as you already know I’m a follower!

  4. The costume is fabulous! 🙂 Love how you guys painted and then glittered some of the cogs. Very cool! 🙂

  5. Cynthia D says:

    Great costume! I so wish we did costume parties with friends still… may have to bring back that tradition. Oh, and I’m now a follower.

  6. Becky says:

    Love the costume! Very clever with the spats.

  7. minnie says:

    you look great! love what you did with the spats pattern!

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