Experimentation with Shapes

A couple years ago my friend and I went to a Rugby match at Twicknham Stoop (that’s West of London, for those of you who don’t know.  Near Heathrow airport.)  It was the club my friend supports, the Harlequins (Rugby League, not Rugby Union.)  Obviously harlequin pattern needed to be used on at least SOME of the LOs about the match!  I was flipping through my stash, and discovered that the new DCWV Tea Time stack has the most perfect paper.  Not only was it harlequin patterned, but the colours were the same as the club’s colours!  (Except that the brown in the pattern is supposed to be maroon in the club colours.)  Anyway, I got everything put together and looked at it… and it was missing something.  So I started thinking about how to add texture and extra pattern to the wide sweeps of brown.  That’s when I got the idea to duplicate the harlequin pattern in larger diamonds.  I used my Cricut to cut the diamonds in 3 different sizes.  Then I played around with layers and colour combinations before stitching them down.  Finally, I cut an additional set of diamonds in an even larger size, for the title embellishment.  Actually, the title was the hardest part.  I had to work really hard to find a font that would cut small enough to fit, but still large enough to be easy to work with, and good for reading.  Took me 3 tries!  Never mind.  The wording “Match Time” is actually a football (soccer) reference.  There’s a programme on Saturday afternoons called “Match Time”.  I know it’s not Rugby, but I figured no one would mind if I co-opted it!  Finally, the clock is a Tim Hotlz clock, and the spinners are 7 Gypsies.  I thought they worked well together, though.  It was great fun to make, and I’m seriously thrilled with the results!


2 thoughts on “Experimentation with Shapes

  1. Dana says:

    Such a great LO! Love that pattern and how you stitched the bigger diamonds across the brown block!

  2. Ladyofthelake (Andrea) says:

    Gorgeous layout Adele! The shapes came out beautifully and I LOVE the colors!

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