Sketch-It-To-Me Blog Hop *WINNERS*

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping along here during the Blog Hop!  I had such a great time working on the projects.  Hope to see some of you using the template.  Such fun to see how different everything ends up in someone else’s hands.

And now for the information everyone has been waiting for:  OUR WINNERS!

Actually, I couldn’t just stop with one winner.  I decided to do 3!  I had a random number generator select 3 different numbers, and the corrisponding names are:


Beth H
Vee U
and Steffanie S!


Congrats, ladies!

As it happens, I already have your addresses, so I’ll just pop them in the post tomorrow on my way to work.

Thanks, again, for everyone’s participation!


4 thoughts on “Sketch-It-To-Me Blog Hop *WINNERS*

  1. Vee says:

    How COOL!! Very sweet of you. Thanks. Congrats to the others!!

  2. Beth Hallgren says:

    You’re a doll (pun intended) 😉 Thank you Adele!

  3. Steffanie S says:

    Thanks, Adele! What a treat—got my goodies in the mail today 🙂

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