Christmas Scrapping Struggles

Do you ever have trouble with a theme? I really have a tough time scrapping Christmas photos. I find it really tough to use those photos of everyone opening gifts. I don’t know why. In fact, I’ve only ever managed to do 1 LO about Christmas, and it wasn’t Christmas morning, but rather, Christmas Eve!

I sometimes wish I were like the big name scrappers and could just whip out page after page… but I’m not, and I probably never will be. That being said, not only do I not expect to ever be “caught up”, I never really want to be! After all, then what would you scrap??? I just don’t have enough things in my daily life to take photos of that it would keep me busy. Maybe if I had a family and children, but I don’t. So, even if I never get around to scrapping Christmas in any year, I guess they can always be my “backup” plan if I accidentally get caught up!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Scrapping Struggles

  1. Emeraldvalkyrie says:

    {{{hugs}}} You know I love your style and you can whip those pages out like the best of them when you are inspired. Your’e right about the not being caught up thing. Then I guess I’d be searching for somehting to scrap!

  2. Veronica says:

    Girl! Don’t even get me started! I have a few LO’s from Christmas Eve as well as Christmas morning. But, sadly, I’ll admit, I too, wish I could create the beautiful LO’s I see. 😦

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