Knock Knock!

Guess who it is?  Yes!  Me!!!  I’m BACK!  I know, it’s been ages since you’ve heard from me.  I”m sorry.  Let’s just say, life got busy, and leave it at that.


No?  That’s not good enough?


Oh.  Ok…. In that case, this is what I’ve been up to:

As you know, I’ve moved.  I”m no longer in England, at least for the moment.  My thoughts on going back change daily, if not hourly!  On the one hand, I miss my life there.  I have fabulous friends, a lovely house and exciting opportunities!  On the other hand, I’m totally enjoying playing auntie to my gorgeous nephew, I have a sparkling new job and it’s rather nice living in the same time zone as my parents!  Not to mention that not having to fly 14+ hours to get to my parents at Christmas is really rather refreshing!

Anyway, long story short, getting moved was a HUMONGOUS job.  I’m still not entirely finished.  I still need to get shelves up and my scrap room organised (not to mention my bedroom sorted!) but . . . it’s getting there.  And that’s the reason I’ve been missing.  I’ve been trying to dig out my life.  Hooray!  I’m nearly there.

And, just to let you know, keep your eyes peeled!  There’s going to be something fun coming soon!  Check back next week for a great new project I”m working on.  And you never know when I”ll have another giveaway!


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