Book of Me – 1st Memory

I’m doing a Book of Me challenge hosted by one of the great scrappers over on CKMB, and the 1st challenge is all about our 1st memory.  Now, that’s a tough thing to decide.  I can remember a lot of stuff, including my 3rd birthday.  I know it’s my 3rd birthday I’m remembering, not my 4th (which I don’t remember) because I remember making a tin-foil crown and helping Dad hang the sheet to watch the (projection) movie (Peter and the Wolf, animated), and I remember Mom bringing out the cake (Raggedy Anne).  Mostly, I remember the crown.  It was a great crown.

But, that’s a date I can pinpoint.  My other early memories are much tougher to arrange chronologically.  Especially as they’re so early they’re sort of dream-like.  But, this one I think I’ve narrowed down to the summer of 1981.  Probably towards the end of the summer.  I would have been around 2 and a half.

Here’s the LO:

The Papers are all KIMS Designs.  The buttons are from Jessica Sprague’s Dig-In-Deep Course Materials.  The Frame is from One Little Bird – Paradise Found Kit.  I made all the shapes (including the bunting!  Very proud of that) AND the stitching (even more proud of that!)  Fonts:  Title – Cafe Rojo; Journaling – Century Gothic.

Journaling reads: I have a ridiculously good memory. Always have. So, I have a lot of early memories. I’m not sure which is my earliest, but this one certainly is a contender. When I was somewhere between 2 and 3 years old, Mom took us up (from WV) to visit her parents in Michigan. According to her, she was up way too late reading, and all the sudden, she heard the front door go. Not what you really want to hear at 1am. So she goes into the front room to investigate. Through the front window she sees her 2 year old daughter (me) walking across the grass. She comes dashing out to find out what’s going on. Now for my memory. I had to pee. I was desperate for it! And, I couldn’t find the bathroom! Remember, this is my grandparents’ house. So, in my head, I’m searching for the loo (never mind that I’m outside. Totally irrelevant) and my pesky mother keeps talking to me and trying to take me away. I remember her asking me what I was doing, and I remember saying, “I have to pee!” and her replying, “But, sweetie, you’re outside. Let’s go back inside.” And I remember pushing her away as she tried to take my arm. She eventually did get me coaxed into the house, and must have guided me to the toilet, but I don’t remember that part. I only remember being so annoyed that my mother wouldn’t let me alone to have a wee!


2 thoughts on “Book of Me – 1st Memory

  1. Dana says:

    OK, first of all – I can’t believe you have memories of when you were so young! Wow! That is amazing! Secondly, very neat LO. You have tons of elements to it and pretty cool that you did a lot of them yourself. I’m definitely not to that point yet (but am getting there). And lastly, good for you for doing the Book of Me challenge. I’m so not ready to take that project on but would like to do so sometime. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with. 🙂

    • dleebug says:

      Oh bless you, Dana! You’re good for the ego! Let me know if you’re interested in any of the elements I made on the LO…. I’m happy to share them!

      The great thing about the Book of Me challenge is, I can do it slowly. I don’t have to get it all done in one sitting. Or even one month. As I get inspiration, I can add to it. 🙂

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