There Is a Season

Welcome to the Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall! Blog Hop, hosted by a talented group of ladies from Club CK.  If you did not arrive here from Amanda’s Paper Scraps & Picture Passion, please go to the beginning of the Hop at Virtually Froggy and follow the Blog Hop in order.  By following the Blog Hop from beginning to end, you will collect words to a secret phrase which will make you eligible for the grand prize.  The details for grand prize entry are posted at the start of the Blog Hop.  You won’t want to miss it!

Welcome to my part of the blog hop!  Don’t forget to leave me a comment, for a chance to win an prize from me!  Want 2  chances? Post a link to my blog on your blog (or FB or Twitter) and let me know in a 2nd comment!

Recently, I’ve been fiddling with digi scrapping.  If you’re like me, you’ve seen loads of gorgeous LOs being done in digi, and you’ve quite fancied doing it yourself, but . . . it was just a bit intimidating.  Well, due to some things going on in my life right now (which I’ll discuss below), I ended up with some time on my hands, an no scrap supplies! Oh the horror! So, I took the opportunity to start my digi journey.

Not being a complete glutton for punishment (reputation due to successive postgraduate degrees notwithstanding), I decided it would be a good idea to get some help.  And, who else’s feet should I choose to sit at, than the incomparable Jessica Sprague!  If you’re considering going digi (or even just learning digi), I highly recommend her courses.  The first one, Digital Scrapbooking Quickstart, is completely free.  It’s wonderful: easy, quick and builds your confidence.   She walks you through the very basic process that every digi page starts with, and you end up with a lovely LO, like this:

Credits: Jessica Sprague Digital Scraping Quick Start Course Materials

That’s me and my sister in Morocco.  The journaling reads, “I recognise how crucial my relationship with my sister is in the definition of myself” ~Barbara Mathias.

Once you’ve finished your free class, you can move on to the Up & Running class, where you’ll be walked through 4 lessons, ending up with the skills and materials to make these four LOs:

Credits: Jessica Sprague Digital Scraping Up & Running Course Materials

Well, you can totally see the progression of skills in those LOs!  (Click on the individual LO for a close up, or to see the journaling.)  I was feeling pretty proud of having completed these 4 LOs!  And, it was so easy!  I discovered I actually had quite a lot of digi skills simply from having done basic editing things on my photos for years.  What a wonderful discovery!  And, with Jessica’s lovely, clear, simple instructions, it seriously couldn’t have been simpler.

So, feeling confident, I decided to move on to the Now We’re Rockin’ class.  This intermediate class goes back over (in lesser detail) the skills taught in the 1st class, plus simple practicing them, and in addition, you get to start learning some more complex skills which is what changes your LOs from flat, 2 dimensional simple things into gorgeous realistic looking scrapbook pages!

Here’s the LOs I’ve done in the 1st 3 lessons:

Credits: Jessica Sprague Now We’re Rockin’ Course Materials

Again, you can see the progression of skills, and how much more complex these LOs are from the first class.  But, what was amazing, it was no more difficult to make these sophisticated LOs than it was the simple ones!  Brilliant, huh?

Now, there is a 4th installment in the class, which I haven’t done (yet).  Why?  No, not because I ran out of time.  My laptop is old, and struggling for processing power.  I’ve moved everything I can off my computer just to do these LOs!  The 4th LO is a double page, and I’m worried about crashing my computer.   But, I will try it!  Just wanted to get this Blog Hop finished, first!  (Wouldn’t want to you miss out on my work, after all 😉 )

High on success from the completion of these LOs, I decided it was time to try one on my own.  Yep . . . one where I didn’t have Jessica’s voice “holding” my hand the whole way through.  And, all the sudden I discovered that, whilst the individual tasks involved in creating a digi LO aren’t all that difficult, the composition is!  Oh my!  But, I persevered, and manged to come up with a LO completely original to me, start to finish.

Credits: BasicGrey Skate Shop, Jessica Sprague Now We’re Rockin’ Course Materials

And, this brings us neatly into the “Goodbye, Hello” section of my Blog Hop Slot:  I’m moving.  For many of you, this will be old news.  As will the reason for me not having any scrap supplies (they’re all packed and, in fact, I shipped them off yesterday!)  The title here, “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven” is from an Old Testament scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:1.  The following several verses follow like this:

[2] A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted; [3] A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up; [4] A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance; [5] A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing; [6]A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away; [7]A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; [8]A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.

I considered this decision, leaving Colchester, and, indeed, leaving England all together, for months.  And, my heart aches at the thought.  However, my Season in England (6 years), and my Season in Colchester (4 years), has come to an end.  At least for now.  Who knows what the future holds.  Maybe, like the Summer, my Season in England will come back round again.

So, Goodbye England, Hello United States.

If you’ve stuck with me this long, here’s your reward:  The key word you need for the grand prize is REMEMBER.

Now…. Hop on over to Toree’s (aka nightsmile) blog for your next gorgeous installment!  Cheers!


62 thoughts on “There Is a Season

  1. Wow Adele! You really do digi wonderfully! I especially love the last layout and I really love the photo in the Paris one, you look so happy, but you’re in Paris in it so of course you would be happy! It’s my favourite place of all time 🙂

  2. dleebug says:

    Thanks, Jessie!!!

  3. Lindsey (Bubbamommy) says:

    I love your layout on leaving England. SO beautiful and heartfelt.

  4. Lindsey (Bubbamommy) says:

    Now I have linked your blog to my fb page 🙂

  5. Amanda Sherman says:

    Wow girl!! You are rocking the digi!!!! Great job 🙂

  6. MousEarz says:

    You’re doin’ great with the digi Adele. I know what you mean about lacking processor power as I’ve been there. Boy, PhotoShop is a system hog…but I can’t live without it!

  7. Sagecat says:

    Adele, what a great tutorial YOU gave on Jessica’s classes! I downloaded a link to her freebie and then never did anything with it. You did a beautiful job on all of your digi LOs. My thoughts are with you as you walk down a new pathway.

  8. Kim aka 3froggies says:

    WOW Adele all of your digi LOs are amazing! Fabulous job girl!

  9. Lisa says:

    Great LOs~ I call myself a digi collector! I’ve yet to do anything with the digis I have except save them in a folder. I grabbed the link’s you posted, going to look at them as soon as I finish the hop! 🙂
    Good luck with your new adventure in life.

  10. Holly (snipsandsnails) says:

    Your digi layouts are great! I’m sad for you to be leaving a place you love, but looking forward to you being here in Utah. Hope we can get together and scrap some time.

  11. Vicki Wilson says:

    Great layouts. Love that you took us thru your learning process.

  12. CEG Jennifer says:

    Looking good with the digi!!

  13. Faye Marie says:

    WOW such great layouts!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. janice says:

    Wow Adele! You’ve inspired me to maybe give digi a try!

  15. heather g. says:

    Adele you have made me curious about digi again! I tried my hand at it a few years ago and made a few pages but then lost interest but after seeing how AWESOME yours are I might just jump back in! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on Jessica’s classes…i’ve been so curious about them!

    • dleebug says:

      Awesome, Heather! Glad to hear you’re interested! Jessica’s classes really really really made me feel like I could do it, and like I enjoyed doing it.

  16. Laci M. says:

    Great LO’s

  17. Gloria Martens says:

    I’ll take your word for its being a challenge, but you certainly did a great job with your first “all-by-me-self” digi LO! Love your choice of scripture for this LO.

  18. Judy says:

    Adele, your digi LO’s are great!!! I have been a follower of your blog for awhile now and enjoy it so much. Loved the verses on this post. Prayers are being said for you in hopes that everything goes well for you as you move and then some.

  19. Great digital LO’s!

  20. Angela says:

    I’ve always been nervous about digital scrapbooking though I have seen beautiful work, and yours is no exception. You have definitely intrigued me to pursue this interest further!

    • dleebug says:

      The wonderful thing about digi is – if you don’t like it, you’ve still got all the original files, and haven’t had the cost of printing the photos out!

  21. meplus2 says:

    Love your new digi stuff, Adele! You make me want to try it…but I’m not quite ready yet. 😉

  22. charlene says:

    Each of these layouts is fab!! I’m esp impressed with the one you did all by yourself with no hand-holding!

  23. Wendy (notime2scrap) says:

    Wow! Adele. Your digi LOs are beautiful. If I didn’t hate the computer so much your work might just inspire me to go digi.

  24. nightsmile says:

    Adele! Your digi layout are incredible! I never would have guessed that it was new to you. Simply marvelous!

    • dleebug says:

      Aww, thanks Toree! Seriously, the majority of the LOs I didn’t have to do any thinking or decisions. And, for the other, I more or less tried to do on the computer what I would have done on paper.

  25. ginny penn says:

    My favorite thing about digital scrapbooking is the ease of journaling. I don’t have to print out and glue on Cricut letters!

  26. What fantastic layouts you’ve shared. I’ll sign up for your email! Thanks also for a chance to win!!!!!

  27. Heather says:

    Love seeing the progression of your digi layouts. I’ve been wanting to learn more about digi scrapping so I’ll have to check out Jessica’s classes. Thanks for the links.

  28. McBuff / Janet says:

    England’s loss is the our gain. You’ve advanced so quickly with your digi-layouts. They’re beautiful.

  29. Dana says:

    Adele, the LOs are fabulous! As you know, I’ve been doing digi stuff too lately because my scrap supplies are in transit also. Maybe it’s been a blessing to be scrap-free. lol I think I’ll sign up for her next class, just so I can learn a few more techniques. Well done!!

    • dleebug says:

      Hi Dana – yeah, I was thinking about you the whole way through. And even as I’ve been packing, etc… Tough stuff, huh? I agree, there is something of a blessing in it, though. I really really really liked the Now We’re Rockin’ class. Really. By the time I got to the final class, I actually didn’t feel like I needed Jessica’s hand holding to create the LO. I’ve finished the 4th class now, and really felt it was reinforcement of the previously learnt skills, but still worth the price. I’m just about to start the Dig In Deep class, actually.

  30. Robin says:

    Thanks for the digi introduction. You have done really well, congrats. I don’t have Photoshop but your type of work really tempts me to get it. Then I come to my senses cause I just don’t need any more stress in my life. LOL I have a love/hate relationship with my computer.

    • dleebug says:

      LOL! I understand. I really do. If you want to give it a shot, you can always do what I’ve done, and use the free 30 day trial version! Then, you’ve had a chance to see if digi is right for you, and haven’t paid for the software, if you decide it isn’t.

  31. Steff says:

    Love what you’ve done with your digi layouts so far, Adele! I agree that Jessica is an awesome teacher and her tutorials are so easy to follow. She is so talented…and so are you!
    Hope your transition to living stateside will go smoothly. My prayers will be with you!
    brown eyed girl

  32. Mindy says:

    Adele…love your work! Also, love reading your comments over on ClubCK…you are a hoot 🙂 Did you pack up flat Amy Glitter and send back to the states, or is she traveling with you? Trouble, trouble, trouble 🙂

  33. Stephanie - froggy530 says:

    Awesome job on the digi Adele! I think this is just the push I needed to give it a try!

  34. Heather says:

    I am very intrigued now about digi!!!

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