Summer Camp

This past week Club CK ran a Summer Camp for ScrapBookers!  It was set up like a traditional Day Camp, where you show up every day and do projects and Earn 10 Merit Badges:

Arts & Crafts
Crop Fun
Fire Safety

First Aid
Flag Etiquette
Nature Walk




One of the reasons I enjoy the CK Forum is that there is always some sort of creative stimulation.  I’m crazy busy with my PhD stuff (amongst other things) so, I often don’t have time to go to a whole long list of different blogs.  But, when I visit the CK site, it’s like one-stop-shopping.  If something exciting’s happening on someone’s blog, the ladies there know about it, and pass the word along.  And, the tallent there is exceptional.  There are so many fabulously talented artists.  It’s wonderful.  And, then there’s the community support and friendship.  There’s no backbiting, no negative feedback, no putting someone down.  Fantastic.  Truely a friendly place to go for inspiration.

I digress.  Here’s my favourite LO that I did for the week.  In fact, it’s two Merit Badges in one.  Started off as the Flag Ettiquite (for obvious reasons):

The notes are leftover bits from my random travels.  Left – Right it goes Channel Islands (Jersey) Pounds Sterling, Swedish Kroners, Russian Rubles, Chinese Yuan, European Union Euros, and Latvian LATs.

The upper baner is made from triangles of MME Bohemia line, with Jolee’s mini-money placed between the triangles.  There are both Euros and Pounds in there.  I think that’s my favourite touch.

The title is cut off of my Cricut, using SCAL.  The font is Crazy Milktop Girl, which is one of my favourite quirky fonts.  I cut it on DCWV cardstock, then went over it with glitter glue.

However, once I got it all finished, and the glitter glue had dried, I looked at it and thought… I don’t like it.  Ok, well, I DID like it.  But, it wasn’t ‘right’.  As it happens, though, that day’s camp challenge was First Aid.  And, in looking at the ailments, I realised, my LO fell into the “Loss of Balance” category.  So, I played around with it a bit, dug out some coins, prised off the title (that was agony!) recut it in black, and reafixed it.  Then I played around with different scatterings of coins on the left hand side to see what configuration would be most pleasing.  And, this is what I ended up with.

And, when I saw the result I went, YES!  That’s exactly right.  😀  Yeay!  And, thank you, Summer Camp for setting exactly the right challenges for me.


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