Known Baby Book

So, this is apparently the year for babies!  Not only are my friends in Ireland having a baby later this month (the ones for whom I made the “Unknown Baby Book) and my sister’s due in September, but my best friend had one in April.  However, because she’s Australian, and they live here (he’s English), her mum couldn’t make it over til July.  So they waited to have the baby blessed til her mum could be here.  So I went up for the blessing, and took their baby book.  They had a boy.  (Name has been obscured to protect the innocent.)

And, here’s  the card I made, too.

Now, what’s really awesome is, that edge punch I used for the ruffle on the baby pram?  I used the same one to make the wheels.  Oh, and it’s the same punch I used to make the splashes on the “Splish Splash” page!  Love it when I can make a border punch work overtime!


2 thoughts on “Known Baby Book

  1. Veronica says:

    Adorable. Simply adorable. 😉

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