Fabulous Creating Keepsake Goodies!

Ok, so last week I got the exciting opportunity to have lunch with several of the editors over at Creating Keepsakes Magazine.

(L-R Kim, Jennifer, Adele (me), Brittany)

They gave me some really fun scrappy goodies:

Yet again, I’m feeling very Scrappy Blessed!  It’s so exciting!  And, again, I’d like to give away a few goodies.  Pay it forward.  I happen to have an extra copy of the new CK Tips & Tricks, and the brand new CK Fast & Fresh Magazines.  If you’d like a copy, leave a comment here.  Tell me what inspires you to scrap!  Be sure to leave me your message by Friday, 11.59pm Pacific.  I’ll post the 2 lucky recipients on Saturday.  You’ll have til the following Saturday to get me your address, or I’ll pull a new name.

Happy Scrapping!


30 thoughts on “Fabulous Creating Keepsake Goodies!

  1. Laura Bruynell says:

    Hi Adele. What wonderful goodies! I am always inspired to scrap by all the wonderful products available to us. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. – nana57 from Club CK.

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh…those look so yummy! Thanks for sharing Adele!

  3. Gloria Martens says:

    My pictures definitely. when I get a new batch from the printer I just can hardly wait to begin scrapping them. I begin looking for a sketch or something and get busy.

  4. Jennifer - CEG says:

    Thanks for RAK-ing!! those look like fun magazines to have a round!

  5. Barbara says:

    Adele that is really sweet. What inspires me………..the pics I guess….cute little faces to enjoy for the years ahead….

  6. annie says:

    everything i see inspires me. there is so much i really cant fit it all here!

  7. Emeraldvalkyrie says:

    WOW! It’s awesome that you got to meet them! thank you for sharing the scrappy goodness with others. You are so sweet!
    Ok…what inspires me…well whether it’s Sb related or life in general, it’s my son. As far as scrapbooking, the photos of him and my husband just make me want to put them into albums. As far as the rest, whether he knows it or not, he is a creative and resilient individual. My son has overcome so much in his short life that it’s hard for me to not be inspired by him.

  8. Steph says:

    Great goodies!! And how nice of you to do a PIF-RAK … especially when I would LOVE to win either of the two mags. 🙂 My inspiration (not counting all the yummy goodies to play with) is simple: I want to document in a fun way the lives of those in my world. Thanks for the chance! *BuysMoreThanScraps*

  9. Holly (snipsandsnails) says:

    Thanks for the chance at the RAK. I think the photos inspire me to scrap, especially those of my silly kids.

  10. Kjacob says:

    That is so cool that you got to meet the CK ladies! They really spoiled you, and you are super sweet for sharing! As to what inspires me, I would say my pictures and wanting to share the stories of my family (although I do get inspired by pretty paper too!)

  11. How cool is that! You got to meet them and got lots of goodies (really love the pp)!!! I guess my inspiration comes from photos and of course new scrapping goodies 🙂 Oh sketches always inspire me too! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂 Hugs, Jessie

  12. Other scrappers inspire me! I forget about scrapping for a while, then I look at beautiful layouts others have made and rush for my supplies!

  13. Steffanie S says:

    You are so amazingly generous! What a treat for you to get to meet these wonderful ladies and get all that scrappy goodness, too! I have to say what inspires me to scrap is the Club CK MB. This is the biggest cheering squad and source of inspiration I know! I have met so many wonderful, talented people since finding this MB—who knew I’d have friends from all over the US and even the world! They—YOU—are my inspiration! Thanks, Adele!

  14. Kim aka 3froggies says:

    Lovely picture of you girls! Wow, thats one awesome bunch of scrappy goodies! Enjoy them all, you deserve it! What inspires me is defaintely my pictures, they are just the beginning of documenting all the wonderful things we do. Thanks for the opportunity to wil that fabulous new magazine!

  15. LouAnn says:

    Seeing pics of my 3 boys is what inspires me to scrap. That and seeing everyone else’s lovely work. How generous of you to rak some of your loot.

  16. Dana says:

    Wow! Look at all your goodies!! I’m so glad you had the chance to meet some of the CK ladies and how generous of them to leave with such great stuff. 🙂

    I honestly have many inspirations, though my family is my first one. I love scrapping my kids and their antics – it seems to get my creative juices flowing. I also love to scrap my travels, though I’m waaaayyyy behind on those, because I want to remember all the places I’ve been when I’m old and reminisce with a beautiful scrapbook. And my photos are also an inspiration. Depending on what the pictures are of, I do different kinds of layouts and it’s so neat to try different styles. Thanks for offering a RAK – you’re too sweet.

  17. Tammy says:

    What an awesome opportunity! Such a lucky girl.

    So may wonderful things inspire me but my biggest inspiration right now, is the Club CK website!

  18. Susanne N. says:

    so many things inspire me…beautiful combinations of colors, amazing photography, simple pleasures, the need to document our daily lives. i could go on and on!
    what a nice thing for you to do! thanks 🙂

  19. Mary Lou says:

    My grandbabies and the fun trips we take inspire me to scrap. Plus seeing all the talented ladies on the MB’s inspires me to do more things!!! thanks for the chance on the RAK..

  20. Judy says:

    I am so excited for you being able to meet some CK ladies. They obviously are very generous. Wow!!! How generous of you to offer this pif RAK.
    Many things inspire me to scrap. The top two would be my family and the wonderful people on the CKMB.

  21. jodi says:


    What inspires me to scrap are beautiful photos. And color. Whether it’s from vacations with the family or photos I’ve taken of my children, I find I am excited to scrap them when I find just the right paper and embellies to pull it all together. It’s a process. One that I enjoy for so many reasons. Leaving something behind for my children and future generations that follow so that they will know where they came from.
    That all inspires me to scrap.

  22. Scrappicat says:

    What inspires me are my photos. In particular, I love taking nature photos and scrapping them. The colors are so pretty.

  23. skeeter says:

    My photos are my biggest inspiration and all the challenges on the CKmb inspire me as well!
    What a fun lunch that must have been! Thanks for sharing the goodies! ~Bev~

  24. Jamie McG says:

    Wow – how did you get so lucky to be able to have lunch w/CK staff?! Awesome for you! So nice of them to give you those awesome scrappy goodies – and how SWEET of you to share them!

    My inspiration – the stories. The stories that I wish were documented by my grandparents and by my parents…and so on. The everyday life and routines and experiences that I wish I knew about. These are things that I want to leave for my kids and grandkids and so on….. I build my pages around the stories.

  25. Pam says:

    My kids ! the beauty of the world around me. Wanting to preserve memories to look back on when I’m old and grey,

  26. Toree (nightsmile) says:

    That’s so awesome Adele! So many wonderful goodies!

    I’m inspired by life itself. It’s all around, all the time. I’ll take a picture of absolutely anything and everything and scrap about it. I even did a LO about our new cell phones at a crop once. They thought I was crazy, I thought they weren’t real scappers!! LOL!!

  27. charlene says:

    I don’t have either of those, so count me in! And aren’t you sweet to pay it forward??

  28. Katie Larson says:

    If this is the stuff that you use to make such wonderful pages, then maybe with help, I can be successful in my own scrapping endeavours.

  29. Diana says:

    I’m inspired to leave the memories for Ava and Santana. My mom passed away young, I there are so many stories that were left untold. I want my DGKIDS to know as much as they can. Thanks for doing this!

  30. Ashley Horton says:

    Wow!! What an amazing experience Adele (and great pic of you with the CK ladies)! I started scrapping, when I had my first little girl over 4 years ago and have loved it ever since. It’s hard keeping up my books with three kiddies now, but I love creating pages to remember the special moments in their lives and just the everyday happenings! 🙂

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