Awesome Flower Tutorial

So, V’s done a fabulous tutorial on making cute paper flowers!  And, it’s her very first video.  Have a look, and leave her some love on her blog.


5 thoughts on “Awesome Flower Tutorial

  1. How sweet of you to put this on your blog. I am honored! It was a task to say the least!! I have to come up with MORE things to do with our STASH!!!! Keep on the lookout!
    Thanks again!!

  2. dleebug says:

    Well, V, it’s a FABULOUS tutorial! I’m only making sure it gets highlighted. Looking forward to what else you come up with.

  3. Julie says:

    V did a fantastic job!! LOVE the corner rounder trick to make a flower! Fantastic!

  4. Mary Lou says:

    I finally got to try some CRYSTAL ACCENT and loved it!! hmmmmm, could be a new addiction!

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