Because My Week Hasn’t Been Exciting Enough!

Oh my goodness!  This week has been all sorts of scrappy exciting.  😀  Yesterday I got an enormous package, today I got TWO smaller ones:

From Amanda* (couple of bits got missed out of the original photo… and I couldn’t be bothered to set everything back up and rephotograph it all together, so they’re in two photos.):

From V, who was purging her stash and thought I might enjoy some goodies (especially exciting: my first Grunge Paper!)

Pretty awesome, eh?  Yeah… And, I can hear what you’re thinking:  Wow!  How could the week get any better?!?  I was thinking the same thing, until I discovered THIS!

I got highlighted by CKBlog!  I’ve never been highlighted by anything before!  (Thanks, Annie, for the heads up!)  I was way excited.  It’s not like getting published (which has never been a goal of mine) but it is exciting!  The funny thing is, it’s not a LO I was particularly tickled with.  It’s fine, just not my favourite!  Never mind.  It’s still exciting!

Here’s the original.

The story behind it is I’m working on a project for my Mom of our trip to Arches last year.  Dad loves taking photos, and for some reason (I still don’t understand why) he was loving taking photos of the different flowers.  These were SO not all the flowers I have photos of! But, they are a good selection of them.  It was an ultra quick page (except that I messed it up, so had to redo it . . . twice!)

So, that’s my exciting week!

*Amanda’s got a fun giveaway going on (again!) on her blog.  Go check it out.


5 thoughts on “Because My Week Hasn’t Been Exciting Enough!

  1. Katie Larson says:

    Congrats! You do such wonderful scrapbook pages. I think that it is wonderful that others can see your talent and have taken notice of your work. Good job.

  2. dleebug says:

    Thanks Hna! That’s very sweet of you!

  3. Coi says:

    I saw the pictures a while ago, but only just read the actual blog post. I love this, Adele! I’m impressed you’re continuing to improve the quality and breadth of your scrapping skills. You go girl! Also, I do fondly remember the pictures you scrapped! I was just thinking of that trip today. We had such a good time!

  4. Coi says:

    I thought I’d posted that on your other blog post. . . anyway, that was supposed to go on this one:

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