Feeling the Love!

I participate in a couple of online scrap communities.  One of them is ClubCK.  There are loads of fun activities going on all the time over there to help get your creativity flowing.  I often lament the fact that shipping internationally is so expensive, because I’d love to participate in more of the activities!  Well, this morning, a package arrived from one of the Peeps off the ClubCK MB!  She’d decided I ought to participate in one of the activities, and had kept it a TOTAL secret from me (except she had asked me for my address, so I knew something was coming).  Absolutely amazing package.  It was a “Medium Flat Rate Box” stuffed, and I do mean STUFFED (she said in an email later in the day that she couldn’t even stick the birthday card she’d made in, that’s how full it was), full of all sorts of amazing goodies.  Not only had she put together a kit for the activity, but she’d included a bunch of other fun stuff for me!  And the kit is so enormous there’s no WAY I’ll manage to use it all on this project, so there will be a whole bunch of fun stuff for me to play with later, too!  Seriously, made my whole MONTH!  So, if you’re looking for a great place to get inspiration for your scrapping, you should consider joining the ClubCK community!  Some of the most wonderful people in the WORLD “live” there.

Here’s a photo of the Kit:      And the rest of the goodies:

(Click the photo for a larger view)


2 thoughts on “Feeling the Love!

  1. I REALLY should visit CK more often! I used to, in the past, be there ALL the time! Life. just gets in the way of what I WANT to be doing!!! LOL

  2. dleebug says:

    Yeah, V . . . we’d love to have you back over there, too!!!

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