Ooooh, Staples!

I have never used staples on a LO before!  Seriously.  I know they’re really popular, and there are all sorts of special staplers you can get that use special coloured/patterned staples, and can reach the centre of the page, but . . . I’d never done it!  However, I was really stumped on how to put this LO together.  I was on Skype with my friend V for 4 hours trying to figure out something to do.  We searched and searched blogs, MBs and mags to find something that would work.  (Wasn’t that sweet of her?  Another friend popped in for a bit, too…. Miss KellieBean, thank you!)  And, as usually happens, it wasn’t until LATE that night that inspiration finally hit…. I thought: STAPLES!  No idea why I thought it, but I did, and I think it works GREAT on this LO.  They’re all photos from my childhood.  I’ve always been a bit adventurous, and with that comes jury-rigging, micky-mousing and kludging (don’t know kludging?  See here.) — which suits staples right down to the ground.   And, I have to say, even if I do say so myself, the LO turned out fabulous.  It captures the fun and energy of the daft things I’m doing, and the spirit of adventure with which I’m doing them.

Products Used:

PP – BG Off Beat (12×12 and 6×6 scraps)
CS – BG Granola
Journal Spot – BG (forget which line)
Chipboard Letters – BG Milk Chocolate

Journal Spot reads:  Left – Adele on Grandma B’s swings, Mom’s mixing bowl, Johnny Jump-Up.  Middle – Daddy’s running shoes, Learning to fly, Riding Daddy’s motorbike.  Right – Biker Babe & Baby Bathtub Sledding.  Utah.


4 thoughts on “Ooooh, Staples!

  1. emerakdvalkyrie says:

    I think I left the comment in the wrong spot a second ago…I love the staples. i think they go perfectly with this.

  2. dleebug says:

    Ha ha… easily done, Christy! And, thanks 🙂 I’m not sure I’ll use them on loads of LOs, but I also don’t think this’ll be the last time I break out the stapler.

  3. Jamie Q says:

    How adorable! Love the baby pics on the motorcycle! Staples worked great!

  4. I SOOOO need/want the “Tiny Attacher” that Tim Holtz makes. Staples thru items like a “hot knife thru butta!” I WILL be using a coupon the next and ONLY time I go to Mike’s!
    Think the LO is FABulous!! Glad I could help “inspire” you! ;^)

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