Liquid Acrylic

Have you seen this stuff?  Liquid Acrylic?  It’s said to be amazing as an adhesive.  Haven’t ever used it as that.  But it’s fun stuff!  I’ve been using it for a while, now.  Didn’t realise at first that was what it was.  It’s marketed in the UK different.  But, I recently sussed out that the stuff in the UK being sold as “3D Glaze” is the same stuff!  I started using it to make glossy homemade Thickers.

They look really slick and aren’t difficult to do.  But, I figured out another fun usage for them this week.  I was doing a LO about my bird having destroyed my keyboard, and it just needed a bit extra to finish it off.  I was talking to my sister about it and she suggested that I draw the keys that run along the top and bottom of the keyboard, then cover them with the clear acrylic stickers.  I thought that sounded like fun!  So I dug through my stash, but realised…. I didn’t have enough of the right size sticker.  Darn.  Ok… back to the drawing board.

Oh wait!  Liquid Acrylic!!!  So I drew the tiles out, and then started in with the liquid acrylic.  Oh my…. nearly had a disaster there!

NOTE: The stuff will warp your paper!!!

Now, I knew that!  Just was thinking that the cs I was using was thick enough it should be ok.  Nope.  It curled.  Real mess it made, too.  So… how does one keep them flat?  Normally, when I make the letters, it’s no problem, because the letters are already stuck town to the page.  But, I didn’t want these to blur if the acrylic spilled over the edge.  So I needed a temporary adhesive that was strong enough, on something heavy enough not to bend.  Hmm…. what do I have that sounds like that…..

Cricut Matts!

I took an old Cricut Mat and sprayed it with repositionable adhesive.  Then I layed out my keys and pushed them firmly onto the matt.  Then, I carefully filled in the shape with the acrylic.

Note:  You have to be really careful not to get bubbles in the liquid.  If you do, they’re tough to get out.  Wait a minute or two, till the acrylic has slightly dried and it’s easier to pop the bubble.  Using a large needle helps push the liquid into the cavity formed by the bubble, once it’s popped.

I let that dry (had very little overspill 😀 ) and applyed a second layer.

Note: if you use a light hand, it just comes out glossy.  If you want 3D effect, use a heavy hand.  If you want REALLY 3D, use a double layer.

Let the second layer dry overnight.  The next morning I had these perfect beveled edged keys!  They looked amazing.  I was really pleased with them.  And, they went PERFECT on the LO.  (Click on the photo for a closer look.)


2 thoughts on “Liquid Acrylic

  1. Helena says:

    nice problem solving! Your LO is really cute.

  2. emerakdvalkyrie says:

    I think your Lo came out great. I love the staples!!!

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